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How To Make A Gorgeous Floral Wreath That You Can Hang All Year Round

This show-stopping wreath is a cinch to make.

No need to switch up your door decor numerous times this season. This dried floral wreath will look pretty hung up year round. (For Thanksgiving or the holiday season, you can add wheat or holly to make it feel extra festive.)

1. Assemble your materials. You’ll need a floral hoop (found at most craft stores), floral tape or bind wire, a pair of strong scissors or garden shears and either a bunch of dried flowers and foliage or fresh material that’ll dry well, like larkspur or strawflower.

How to make a floral wreath

2. Attach sprigs to the hoop. Use floral tape or wire to form the outer edges of your wreath.

How to make a floral wreath

3. Work your way down. Keep stems facing the same direction and overlap them with new flowers to conceal pieces of wire. If you’re using small sprigs like lavender, wire them together in a small bunch before adding to the hoop.

How to make a floral wreath

4. Add a few flowers that face the other direction. To finish your wreath, attach a small bunch of foliage to cover any visible wire or tape.

How to make a floral wreath

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