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Six gorgeous stair runner design ideas

Dress up your steps with bold colour, cool prints and one-of-a-kind designs – you'll never look at stairs the same way again!
By Andrea Zadro
Six gorgeous stair runner design ideas

Stair runners

Go monochromatic

Don't be afraid to play with pattern – the trick is to keep to the same shade of colour for a cohesive look.

Bessler-stair-runner-blueBessler Photography

Think jute

A jute or straw stair runner is so versatile – it can match many decor styles. Our favourite theme to pair it with: nautical. Think bright blues and stark whites!

Thom Filicia Inc stair runner natural juteThom Filicia Design Lifestyle Interiors

Trick of the eye

Graphic stripes on a stair runner can lead the gaze upward and create a grand and stunning look in a staircase-centred room.

striped-stair-runner-grand-entrance-foyerHistorical Concepts

Pop of colour

Try painting your stairs with a runner in a vivid shade to really make your staircase pop, then accessorize your walls with like colours for dramatic effect.

colourful-green-painted-stair-runnerMelanie Turner Interiors

Rustic idea

Showcase the natural wood of your stairs by leaving the centre of the steps unpainted. The result is a cool, rustic-chic look.

natural-wood-stair-runner1st Option

Pretty pastels

If you're shy to use bold colours, opt for soft shades instead. Light pinks, mint greens and peach colours can really help to freshen a neutral room.

tri colour stair runner colourful Roger Oates designRoger Oates Floors and Fabrics


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