Home Decor

Five space planning tips

How to figure out what furniture placement is right for you.
living-room,-neutral,-Target Photo by Roberto Caruso 1. Consider your lifestyle Are you an entertainer who loves to throw parties or a bookworm who craves a quiet spot to read? Ask yourself some key questions: How many do you hope to seat? Do you want your TV front and centre or hidden away? What will the focal point be: your fireplace or a big table?

2. Sketch up a plan

You don’t have to be an architect or designer to draw a floor plan. Simply measure the length and width of your room and note any openings like windows or doors. Next, make approximate-size cut-outs of your furniture so you can try out different scenarios without any heavy living!

3. Find inspiration

Whether it’s using Pinterest or an old-fashioned file folder, gather images of rooms you like and spend some time analyzing them. Try to find similarities between the images, and pinpoint the look and feel you’re after.

4. Pulling it all together

Once you’ve nailed down your plan, call in the troops and put them to work. Start with your rug and layer from there, placing large items like sofas first. After everything is in place, step back and take it all in.

5. Add final touches


Chances are you’ll want to play around with accessories now that everything is in place. This is the fun part. Adding in plants, artwork, pillows


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