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18 Gorgeous Finds From Simons’ New Online Marketplace For Canadian Artisans

The new Fabrique 1840 showcases artisanal, curated goods from unique small businesses, from jewellery to furniture to toys.
Simons marketplace: colourful plates stacked variously on table Photo courtesy of Fabrique 1840

Iconic Canadian department Simons has a new online marketplace, Fabrique 1840, featuring stunning pieces by small Canadian businesses and artisans. (The name of the marketplace comes from Simons' own founding year and central office at Côte de la Fabrique in Quebec City.) Here are some of our favourite picks, priced from accessible to fantasy:

Simons’ Marketplace

Loulou Lollipop

Paris Muslin Blanket, $30, Simons.
Simons marketplace: blanket with paris landmarksPhoto courtesy of Fabrique 1840

Anne-Marie Chagnon

Mureli Earrings, $44, Simons.
Simons marketplace: earrings with gold bar front and silver bar backPhoto courtesy of Fabrique 1840

Xenia Taler

Amalfi Bamboo Plates (Set of 4), $62, Simons.

Simons marketplace: yellow and white striped platesPhoto courtesy of Fabrique 1840


Convertible Box Tote Bag, $70, Simons.

Simons marketplace: light brown bag with minimalist leaf patterns and leather strapsPhoto courtesy of Fabrique 1840


Elsa Turban Headband, $78, Simons
Simons marketplace: woman wears lavender turtleneck and headwrap, with grey coatPhoto courtesy of Fabrique 1840

Us & Coutumes

Walnut Linear Key Holder, $84, Simons.
18 Gorgeous Finds From Simons’ New Online Marketplace For Canadian Artisans


Royal Blue Stoneware Vase, $90, Simons.
Simons marketplace: blue vase with dried plantPhoto courtesy of Fabrique 1840

Gabrielle Desmarais

ACH6 Earrings, $120, Simons.
Simons marketplace: woman in orange shirt and chunky orange and purple geometric earringsPhoto courtesy of Fabrique 1840


Small Chunky-Knit Throw, $135, Simons
Simons marketplace: white throw with thick yarn on wooden chairPhoto courtesy of Fabrique 1840


Impeccable Vintage Fox Watch Band, $155, Simons.
Simons marketplace: brown watchPhoto courtesy of Fabrique 1840

La Compagnie Robinson

Leather Computer Case, $165, Simons.
Simons marketplace: brown leather laptop casePhoto courtesy of Fabrique 1840


Odrey Silver Earrings, $176, Simons.
Simons marketplace: white fringe earrings on deep orange backgroundPhoto courtesy of Fabrique 1840


Denise Water (Produce Bowl), $230, Simons
Simons marketplace: white fruit holder with dark brown wooden slats and pears insidePhoto courtesy of Fabrique 1840

Coop Établi

Zoe Stool, $435, Simons.

Simons marketplace: stool with black legs and wooden seatPhoto courtesy of Fabrique 1840

Coolican & Company

Edwin Chair, $749, Simons.

Simons marketplace: wooden chairPhoto courtesy of Fabrique 1840

Couteaux Deva

Large Chef’s Knife, $800, Simons.
Simons marketplace: knife with rugged metal patterns on bladePhoto courtesy of Fabrique 1840


Bennington Walnut Hanging Lamp, $1550, Simons
Simons marketplace: thin sleek ceiling lamp hanging above wooden chairPhoto courtesy of Fabrique 1840

Watson Soule

Fools Gold Rug, $1660, Simons.
Simons marketplace: mostly yellow rug with white splash up centerPhoto courtesy of Fabrique 1840


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