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Marie Kondo Has A New Reality TV Show Hitting Netflix (!)

What's better than reality TV? Reality TV starring the decluttering queen.
Marie Kondo Has A New Reality TV Show Hitting Netflix (!)

For a certain group of TV watchers, there's really nothing better than a peek inside people's homes. I don't know about you, but it's especially gratifying when those homes are terribly messy (there's nothing like an episode of Hoarders to make you feel better about your out-of-control junk drawer, am I right?). Coming soon to Netflix, those who revel in reality TV and organizing can live out a dream night of binge-watching the decluttering queen, Marie Kondo, as she sorts out people's messy homes IRL.

Kondo's organizing bible, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, hit shelves in 2014, and over eight million people haven't been able to stop talking about it since. In the last four years, she's gone on to publish a follow-up, Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up, and started her own KondoMarie consultant program. Though no release date has been revealed for her new series, here's what we know so far:


1. The series will be at least partially shot in the U.S.

In December, Kondo put out a casting call on Instagram, looking for people in the Los Angeles area who wanted their homes decluttered.

2. Expect "life transformations" — not just a clean house.

"Helping individuals undergo life-transformations and sharing the process through this partnership with Netflix is an exciting way to share the magic of tidying with more people," said Kondo in her Instagram statement earlier this week. Kondo's organizing method centres around bringing more joy into every aspect of your life. We anticipate some juicy reality-driven drama to go hand-in-hand with a shockingly clean house reveal.

3. The show will be released globally, exclusively on Netflix.

Organizing wisdom for all.


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