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How to use Pinterest to plan your wedding

The pressure of planning a wedding can leave even the most organized of us feeling stressed at times. Here's great way to organize your ideas and to-do list.
By Sharalee Mushore
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Here are three ways to use Pinterest to organize ideas and help you plan the big day, stress-free!

1. Gather your inspiration From your wedding dress to venues, colour palettes and a honeymoon destination, you'll be able to store all the images that inspire you during your initial planning process. With all your ideas in one place, it will make it a lot easier to envision what you want for you special day.

2. Friends and family can share ideas

One of the trickiest things when planning a wedding is managing everyone's different ideas. An online Pinterest board makes it easier for everyone to literally be on the same page. You could have friends and family create boards of their own — such as bachelorette party and bridal shower ideas — and share their ideas with one another.


3. Wedding registry One of the best features of Pinterest is that once you've 'pinned' an image from a website, it links to the original source. This is great if you have your eye on items from multiple retailers. You can 'pin' that classic white dinner set from The Bay or a piece of art from a vendor on Etsy. Your guests will be able to see where they can purchase your unique collection of items and not be confined to just one or two shops.

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