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Pretty flower garlands for a long-weekend party

These pretty floral decorations can be hung on trees, draped on chairs or used to create a pretty table setting.
By Styling by Virginie Martocq and Julia Black
Outdoor table with hanging flowers, white dishware, champagne flutes, flower garlands, backyard party, dinner party Roberto Caruso

Wow guests at your next backyard party with stunning floral garlands. We took our cue from traditional South Asian wedding decorations to create these colourful, inexpensive strips. Snap the heads off supermarket flowers like mums, marigolds or carnations, and sew them together with nylon thread and a needle. Hang them from trees or chandeliers, drape them over chairs or wind them around lanterns and votives on a table.

Quick and easy: If you're pressed for time, take your cut flower heads and scatter them at the centre of your table — you'll have a colourful and pretty table setting instantly.

Get this look: Lattice chair, Pottery Barn. Lantern, plates, water bottle, all Ikea. Champagne flutes, William Ashley. Napkins, Mjölk.


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