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Make a modern Christmas tree with cardboard

Artist and designer Courtney Wotherspoon created a cool cardboard tree to serve as a holiday guest book.


Photo by Sian Richards

We asked artist and designer Courtney Wotherspoon to share a cool Christmas decorating idea, her favourite holiday tradition, and what she hopes to find under the Christmas tree.


The decoration: Cardboard Christmas tree

I created this cardboard tree to serve as a holiday guest book. Leave pens and note cards out on display, and guests can add their own touch to your tree. You can even pin or tape Christmas cards to it or let the kids draw on their own ornaments — the options are endless! Plus, there are no messy pine needles to clean up, little danger of harming a small child and it’s one tree saved!

Here’s what you’ll need

2 large pieces of cardboard of the same size (can be purchased from craft store or recycled)


Exacto blade

Instructions (Get the template)

1. Cut the two cardboard pieces with the same basic tree shape, ensuring the bottom remains flat.

2. Using a ruler and exacto knife, cut a thin strip down the centre of one of the cardboard ‘trees’, from the middle of the tree to the bottom.

3. On the other ‘tree’, cut the same strip out from the top of the tree to middle.

4. Stand the two pieces up, and slide the two cardboard sheets together, along the strips you just cut out, until their bottom edges both sit flat to the floor. You should now have a 3-dimensional tree that can stand on it’s own.

5. Add your personal touches using washi tape, glitter glue, ornaments and tinsel. You can continue to slide the two pieces apart if you prefer to lay it flat to decorate.

Tip: Leave out some fun craft supplies for kids and holiday guests to continue adding to your ‘holiday guestbook’.


Favourite holiday tradition: Christmas is a big day in our house, because it’s also my birthday. I always look forward to the extra love I get.

Under the tree: I hope to find a dining table! It’s the missing link in our newly renovated home.


Artist and designer Courtney Wotherspoon

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