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Peek inside a beautiful west-end row house in Toronto

Homeowner Denise Williams purchased a fully renovated 1,150-sq.-ft house from two architectural graduates to create the perfect everyday retreat for herself.
Peek inside a beautiful west-end row house in Toronto

Photo, Roberto Caruso and Sian Richards.

Denise Williams row house

1,150-sq.-ft. house

Denise Williams’ love of the Canadian wilderness is reflected in her efficient, eco-conscious home full of her earthy style. After a busy day running her holistic, natural skincare line, Matter Company, it provides the perfect peaceful retreat. The west-end Toronto house, purchased from two architectural graduates, had been fully gutted and renovated when she bought it. The new dining room extension, formerly a cold-storage room, lined in reclaimed cherry wood gives her a place to light a warm fire and almost doubles the living space.

Hot idea: Add a clean-burning-fuel fireplace to any room. No chimney required!

Dining table, Ikea. Chairs, Commute Design. Light, Lampcage. Fireplace, Cocoon Fires. Rug, Elte. Juju hat, basket, placemat, cups, Snob.

wooden-dining-room-fireplace-and-windowsPhoto, Roberto Caruso and Sian Richards.

Attach floating shelves to walls

An open rectangular unit attached to the wall maximizes storage without taking up valuable floor space.

Shelf, Atomic Design. Chair, QWAC. Art, Stephen Chung. Cup, quills, Snob.

floating-shelves-in-living-roomPhoto, Roberto Caruso and Sian Richards.

Use paint to hide defects

Deep-inky-blue paint and salon-style wall art make an unsightly electrical panel all but disappear. Don’t be afraid to use dark colours in small spaces. They make the walls recede, giving the illusion of space.

Sofa, UpCountry. Rug, throw, Elte. Pillows, Snob. Art, Tania Love.

Living-room-blue-wall-beige-couch-lilac-accent-pillows-rugPhoto, Roberto Caruso and Sian Richards.

Extend your countertops into another room

Think beyond a space’s standard definitions. Here wooden counters run beyond the kitchen walls into the living room, creating a cozy eating nook.

Stool, QWAC. Cups, Stanley Lake Pottery. Tea towel, Pehr Designs.

mirror-desk-and-rustic-stoolPhoto, Roberto Caruso and Sian Richards.

Use wallpaper instead of a headboard

Free up space in a tight bedroom by forgoing a traditional headboard. Soothing shades of oyster and cream make the room feel calm, peaceful and bigger.

Wallpaper, Prime Time Paint. Light, Mod Furnishings. Throw, Elte.

Beige-white-bedroom-floor-length-window-curtains-lampPhoto, Roberto Caruso and Sian Richards.


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