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How to maximize space in a three-bedroom house

Owner Nina Jones has learned to make drawers, closets and movable units her best friends in this charming home for four.
How to maximize space in a three-bedroom house

Photo, Roberto Caruso and Sian Richards.

Nina Jones three-bedroom home

A 1,200-sq.-ft. family home

Feeling particularly brave one day, Nina Jones decided to put her creativity to use and go into business on her own. The result was her own stationery line, Jonesy, with cards for every occasion. Living in a small three-bedroom house with two children and her husband, she has learned to make drawers and closets her best friends. Everything gets stuffed! Nina recently started a business with her sister, interior designer Ashley Botten, to create a line of home products made of non-rippable, waterproof, recyclable paper. The silver poufs in her living room are a few of the first prototypes.

kitchen-Nina-Jones-family-homePhoto, Roberto Caruso and Sian Richards.

Give the illusion of more space with a mirror

A long wall is put to good use with a console table outfitted with drawers and a shelf. An extra-wide mirror bounces light around the room and gives a feeling of spaciousness. With the table, mirror and entry cupboard crafted in the same wood, a sense of coherence is brought to the room.

Rug, Quasi Modo Modern. Coffee table, table lamp, Klaus. Side table, mirror, custom cabinetry, Ashley Botten Design. Sofa, Gus Modern. Throw, Article 27. Poufs, Too Fifteen.

living-room-large-mirror-wooden-shelves-colourful-rug-sofasPhoto, Roberto Caruso and Sian Richards.

Create your own front-hall storage closet

A tall armoire placed in the entryway is a sanity saver. Coats and shoes are stored on one side while a narrow compartment houses calendars, mail and school forms, creating a small home office.

Custom cabinetry, Ashley Botten Design. Chair, Klaus.

wooden-cabinet-cat-black-chair-with-pillowPhoto, Roberto Caruso and Sian Richards.

Choose beds with built-in drawers

Toys and games are kept close at hand but out of sight and off the floor in a boy’s bedroom.

Bed, Ikea. Chair, Klaus.

white-kids-room-with-white-bed-built-in-drawers-and-toysPhoto, Roberto Caruso and Sian Richards.

Replace chairs with benches

Using a couple of long benches instead of chairs allows you to maximize your seating (especially when hosting your children’s friends) while reducing the clutter of numerous seats.

Armoire, Jalan Toronto. Candlesticks, William Ashley.

black-armoire-wooden-table-with-candlesticks-and-fur-benchPhoto, Roberto Caruso and Sian Richards.

Add movable units to busy areas

A rolling caddy hides personal items in a family bathroom and quickly zips out of the way when you need more space.

Caddy, Quasi Modo Modern. Towels, Article 27.

hanging-white-and-yellow-towels-next-to-yellow-plant and rolling caddyPhoto, Roberto Caruso and Sian Richards.


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