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Five pretty storage ideas

Make the most of a small space with these cool storage solutions that will amp up the chic in your decor.
By Andrea Zadro
Five pretty storage ideas

Photo by Blair Stocker

Pretty storage ideas

Vintage cabinet

Turn an old cabinet into a beautiful storage solution for your linens.  Repaint it in a fresh colour like sky blue, teal, or coral to give it a bit of a modern edge.

Source: Dreamy Whites

Five pretty storage ideasPhoto by Maria Carr

Repurposed vase

For all the DIYers and crafty folk, finding ways to store supplies can be a major issue. Problem solved! Show off your creative prowess by displaying your colourful craft materials (yarn balls, ribbon) in a large clear vase. Bonus: Turn a large vase into a simple side table in an instant.

Source: Wisecraft

Five pretty storage ideasPhoto by Blair Stocker

Woven baskets

Store everything from books to DVDs to techy odds and ends in these multi-functional woven storage baskets. They're incredibly versatile, so can work in any room. Bonus: They also make handy carriers for a summertime picnic.

Braided storage collection, from $20, West Elm.

Five pretty storage ideas

Suitcase boxes

Use vintage suitcases to hide away loose items like linens, seasonal clothes, and toys. Bonus: These can easily be stored under the bed for more space efficiency.

Five pretty storage ideasPhoto by Parolan Asema

Wooden crates

Bundle together vintage crates for a unique, customizable shelving system to fit your needs. The dishes in this photo look nice, but it would also make a wonderful rustic bookshelf for the living room.

Five pretty storage ideasPhoto by Agent Bauer; Styling by Lotta Agaton


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