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Five perfect backsplash and countertop combos

Like creating a great outfit, all the elements of your kitchen — colour, texture and material — have to work together to pull off the look. Here are the ideal duos that go together hand-in-hand.
By Emma Reddington
Five perfect backsplash and countertop combos

Design, Kimberley Seldon. Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Kitchen backsplash and countertop combos

Square glass tiles and natural stone countertops

Sophisticated and elegant this small condo kitchen (the closet doors actually close to tuck it out of sight completely) uses the backsplash and countertops much like you would pieces of jewellery. They add a touch of sparkle and shine and finish the kitchen off nicely. The brass hardware and blue-black cabinets complete the uptown look.

Kitchen-square-glass-tile-backsplash-and-natural-stone-countertopDesign, Kimberley Seldon. Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Marble mosaic tile and stainless steel

In this loft-like kitchen a marble mosaic tile was taken right to the ceiling to emphasize the open shelving and lack of upper cabinets. The industrial, cook’s kitchen feel was emphasized with hard-working stainless steel counters — a favourite of restaurant chefs the world over. 
Five perfect backsplash and countertop combosDesign, Wanda Ely. Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Marble basketweave tile and a mix of wood and white countertops

There’s no rule that says you have to have the same countertops throughout your kitchen. In fact, switching the surface for your island can have pleasing effects. In this rustic cottage kitchen, the wood-covered island plays up the roughhewn beam ceilings and really adds to the relaxed cottage feel. The marble backsplash picks up on the robin egg blue colour of the stove. 
Five perfect backsplash and countertop combosPhoto, Roberto Caruso.

Moonstone penny tile and white solid surface

Intricately patterned penny tile in a range of soft blues and greys is the focus of this kitchen and is matched with a subtle, calming solid surface countertop in basic white. If you choose a busy tile that demands attention play down your countertops so the tile can take centre stage. 
Five perfect backsplash and countertop combosDesign, Sarah Richardson Design. Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Classic white subway tile and marble countertops

A perennial favourite, this is the Little Black Dress of the kitchen world — it never goes out of style. Of course, there are ways to make the look entirely your own. Choose a subway tile with a bevel (as pictured), go for a dark charcoal grey grout or make your counters extra thick (or thin... it's a growing trend!) 
Five perfect backsplash and countertop combosDesigner, Mirelle Goren. Photo, Roberto Caruso.


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