DIY Crafts

How to make mini eggshell-garden party favours

You'll be the hostess with the mostess when you give out these at your next spring party.
By Emma Reddington and Jennifer Evans
DIY easter decorating mini eggshell garden takeaways Photo, Sian Richards Mini eggshell-garden takeaways. (Photo, Sian Richards.)

We love spring crafts, and these mini eggshell gardens are the perfect DIY gift for any spring party. We made ours with an egg carton, eggshells, soil, potted spring flowers and moss. Follow our easy, 4-step process below to make them at home.

1. Fill the bottom of a clean, halved eggshell with potting soil. Use an egg carton to hold eggs and make potting easier.

2. Instead of potted flowers, you can grow your plants from seed.Fill the bottom of the eggshell about one-third full with soil and add 1 to 2 seeds. Cover with more potting soil. Keep in a warm, sunny spot and water frequently. Do not allow soil to dry out.

3. For quick takeaways, transplant young spring flowers, including the root, into soil-filled eggshells. Top with moss to help retain moisture.

4. When replanting outside, simply crush the bottom of the eggshell to allow the roots to escape.


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