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An easy way to update your cutlery

10 minute project: A quick dip in colourful coating turns mismatched, back-of-the-drawer cutlery into a pretty, summery set

cutlery, red, home decor, craft

Roberto Caruso

Three easy steps to getting sassy silverware:

1. Dip cutlery handles into Plasti Dip rubber coating, following package instructions.

2. Hang to dry from silver ends (we used bulldog clips).

3. Let rubber set (about four hours), then add a second coat. Leave to set, and you’re done.

Get the look: Cutlery, $3, Goodwill. Performix Plasti Dip coating, $19, Home Hardware. Straws, $6, Cutlery tray, $20, both iQ Living.

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