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Six cool and contemporary house exteriors

The 2014 Toronto Modern Home Tour is happening this week and will be featuring a roster of architectural designs that's sure to wow.
Six cool and contemporary house exteriors

Architecture, Teeple Architects.

House exteriors

The linear house

The inspiration behind this geometric linear design was largely due to the narrowness of the lot, measuring at 20 ft. in width. The architect focused on creating an open space with floor-to-ceiling windows and split-floor design that allowed for more natural daylight throughout.

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Two-storey brick and stucco house exterior Nano Design Build TorontoArchitecture, Nano Design Build Inc. Photo, Tom Arban.

The mini house

The building that previously occupied this lot was a demolished drug lab and subsequently condemned. The client found it affordable to purchase and built an ultra-compact, fully detached 566 sq. ft. house remisicent of loft-style living. It has a quirky and minimalist aesthetic and features salvaged and recycled materials that requires minimal maintenance.

Quirky house exterior hard loft style industrial Toronto Line Box StudioArchitecture, LineBox Studio Inc.

The textural house

Smooth gray stucco, reclaimed brick and wood exterior make up the textural design of this west-end Toronto home. Orginially built in the 1920s, the contemporary structure maintains a balance between old and new. Details of slit windows and asymmetrical lines create a modern and interesting aesthetic.

Modern three-storey Toronto house exterior wood and gray brick LineBox StudioArchitecture, LineBox Studio Inc.

The driveway house

The lot that now stands a two-bedroom house was formerly a driveway that fit two cars. The owner mananged to buy the land for a mere $12,600 in the Little Portugal neighbourhood. Simple and utilitarian, this modern house was constructed with black concrete blocks, which help to prevent rapid temperature changes.

Contemporary house exterior concrete blocks and wood Toronto Spaces by RohanArchitecture, Spaces By Rohan Inc. Photo, Peter Legris.

The stacked house

The home and gallery of artist Charles Pachter — otherwise known as Pachter Hall and Moose Gallery — has a received a multitude of awards for its dynamic design. Its floor-to-ceiling windows and stacked boxes facade creates unique and modern appeal in this Chinatown neighbourhood.

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House exterior artist Charles Pachter stacked boxes 4-bedroom floor-to-ceiling windows Teeple Architects TorontoArchitecture, Teeple Architects.

The new traditional house

This long and narrow 2100 sq. ft. home is light and airy, a contrast to the house’s exterior. Traditional red masonry creates a solid structural look while the interior features a full-height courtyard staircase.

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Three-storey house exterior red masonry Victorian lot Toronto Weiss Architecture & Urbanism LimitedArchitecture, Weiss Architecture & Urbanism Limited.


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