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Four clever bathroom storage ideas

Have a small, cluttered bathroom? No need to compromise on style or your beauty essentials to get things organized — here are some ways to maximize your space and store it all.


Wire mesh storage baskets, West Elm.

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We could all use more storage in the bathroom. From beauty products to hair tools, our bathrooms can get crowded with clutter quite easily. Finding room in a small space can be tricky, but we’ve got a few ideas on ways you can maximize on storage:

1. Install baskets sideways on your wall to create shelves. They are a pretty way to store towels and toilet paper.

2. Place a strip of magnet — available from dollar stores or craft stores — in your cabinet to attach your tweezers, nail scissors, and hairpins. You’ll instantly free up cabinet space and you’ll be able to find those items more quickly.

3. Add hooks inside your bathroom closet to hang styling essentials, such as blow dryers and curling irons.

4. Re-imagine containers for different purposes. Turn a Mason jar into a Q-tip holder; a tall cylinder vase into a toiler paper holder; and a desktop tray into a multi-level storage unit for hair and skin products and miscellaneous items.

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