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The No. 1 Best Choice of Bathroom Deodorizer, for Those Darn No. 2s

The bad news? It's $39.

Post poo drops Aesop

We all poop. Everyone knows that. And while my adult self accepts this, what I'm not quite willing to accept is that — also just like everyone else — mine doesn't always smell like roses (hence the anonymous byline).

There are hundreds of bathroom odour-busters on the market, and I've tried most of them — sprays that can be found in most grocery and drug stores (Clean Linen scent all the way, people), higher-end spritzes with clever names like Poo-Pourri and even gel dots that you stick right under the toilet bowl. I know it sounds desperate — I don't have some wildly offensive scent to cover-up. I just want a bathroom that smells nice, always. Plus — anyone who comes to visit should have the option of covering up an unexpected No. 2 in peace.

Enter Post-Poo Drops by Aesop (a high-end Australian beauty company) which is an oil blend of lemon, tangerine, mandarin orange peel and ylang ylang. Dispense three drops in the bowl after you flush, and what you did in there remains your own business. At $39 a bottle, it's definitely a steeper price to pay than the aerosol cans you find in the cleaning aisle, but consider it an investment. The scent of the oil doesn't linger in the air, as is common with cheaper options. Instead, it quietly (and instantly) eliminates any odour. The best part? The packaging is so sleek, it permanently sits on the back of my toilet as a pretty bathroom accessory — reminding everyone who visits that there's no shame if your No. 2 stinks.


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