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8 great Canadian Etsy shops for home decorating

Welcome to the world of online stores for handmade items. Discover 8 wonderful Canadian Etsy shops with furnishings and accessories to make a charming home.
By Talia Hart
8 great Canadian Etsy shops for home decorating

Photo, PomTree.

8 Canadian Etsy Shops for Home Décor You’ll Love

The Paper Society

Raise your hand if one of your guilty pleasures is pretty paper! Then you’ll want to check out the Paper Society. Based in Vancouver, Jennifer Opsahi’s Etsy shop specializes in household labels that offer sweet finishing touches to kitchen storage containers and household items. From Mason jars and canisters to drawers and stationery, these adhesive labels will apply joy and order to every corner of your home.

Location: Vancouver.

Vintage Aloha ‘Healthy’ Pantry Labels, from $10, the Paper Society.

paper-studio-custom-labelsThe Paper Society

Senay Studio

If you’re in the market for some fresh textiles, Senay Studio is definitely worth a browse. The designer, artist and illustrator behind the Toronto-based studio features her original paintings and designs on natural-fibre fabrics using eco-friendly, water-based inks. Working with linen, silk and cotton, the studio presents pillows, tea towels and even phone cases. Nature is the inspiration behind this artistic collection, featuring animals and landscapes that bring the outdoors in.

Location: Toronto.

Pillow Cover with Wisteria Watercolour Design, from $50, Senay Studio.

senay-studio-textile-pillows-floral-watercolorSenay Studio

The Lush Tart Art Project

Hailing from Halifax, the Lush Tart Art Project Etsy shop caters to modern living with its decorative items. White, neutral and minimalist spaces are prevailing preferences, so the owner felt that detail and character could be established with means other than colour. From two-toned clocks and pillows to unique hand-drawn illustrations, the artist’s whimsical collection lends a vivid intricacy to otherwise bland spaces. There’s so much to love about the elaborate illustrations in these adorable clocks.

Location: Halifax.

Ornate Elephant Clock, $61, the Lush Tart Art Project.

lush-tart-illustration-elephant-clocksThe Lush Tart Art Project

Anewall Decor

The sisters-in-law behind Anewall Decor have a shared love for vintage and Victorian art that materialized into a business. The concept is simple: The dynamic duo reproduces timeless pieces of art into large canvases, paper prints, wall decals, murals and wallpapers. This shop is certainly a must-see for anyone looking for a unique and elegant statement piece in her home.

Location: White Rock, B.C.

Print of a Shamrock Yacht, $35, Anewall Décor.

anewall-wall-art-greyscale-print-sailboatAnewall Decor

BelloPop Design

Sometimes, it’s the small things that give a room its charm, and details are the forte of BelloPop Design. Located in Toronto, the enchanting shop creates gorgeous patterns with brilliant hues, which are then applied to an array of products. From artistic prints to decorative matchboxes, the charismatic inventory offers the ultimate in table accents, wall art and — most of all — colour that pops for decor with character.

Location: Toronto.

bello-pop-pattern-paper-colour-geometricBelloPop Design


Whether you’re decorating for a party or sprucing up a room, look no further than PomTree. Located in Ottawa, this shop features the work of a husband and wife, Chloe and Kevin, who kick off craft time when their kids go to bed. This creative couple uses 120 colours of tissue paper to construct a wide range of magical embellishments. Poms, pinwheels, honeycomb lanterns and fans introduce fancy detail into any space, for any occasion.

Location: Ottawa.


Foutu Tissu

This textile and upholstery company is nothing short of imaginative. Born out of a desire to create eco-friendly household products, Montreal-based Foutu Tissu presents the collaborative creativity of Isabelle, a woodworker and upholsterer, and Emanuelle, a textile designer. The brilliant team brings new life to old furniture, producing contemporary and throwback designs. Through handmade methods of screen-printing and re-upholstering, the eclectic design vision bears a variety of textiles. Browse this Etsy store for pillows, poufs, ottomans and more. A standout collection is the modern-meets-retro footstools. J’adore!

Location: Montreal, QC.

Montréal pattern ottoman, $265, Foutu Tissu.

Foutu-tissue-textile-upholstery-footstoolsFoutu Tissu

Gallant & Jones

The Gallant & Jones shop will have you dreaming of warmer days. The Vancouver-based retailer’s chief product is its handmade deck chairs that contribute charm and comfort to any outdoor setting. Artisans Tamra and Gwyn combine their woodworking and textile design skills to bring handcrafted, eco-friendly furnishings to the homes and retreats of customers. Each chair is designed for easy cleaning and compact storage. With a multitude of delightfully designed fabrics, the collection will likely sneak onto your spring wish list.

There’s another reason to love this company: with every deck chair purchased, a tree is donated and planted through the Love Trees Program.

Location: Vancouver, BC.

gallant-jones-lawn-chair-picnic-lakeGallant & Jones

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