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6 tips for maximizing tight spaces

Make the most of every inch of your home with these ideas for furnishing tight spaces. Embrace the vast potential of nooks, crannies and compact storage solutions.
By Talia Hart
6 tips for maximizing tight spaces

Design, Tim Cuppett Architects. Photo, Alec Hemer.

6 Tips to Maximize Tight Spaces

Pack it up, pack it in

Do you find your kitchen to be limited on cabinetry and abundant in culinary accessories? Rest assured, you can manage it all. Make use of areas of open wall to hang pots and pans, and suspend teacups from hooks for a country-style setup. Next, opt for ceiling-height shelves and cubbies, never underestimating the room that you already have. Back on the ground, a mobile island on wheels will let you rearrange your kitchen at your leisure, serving to provide added storage.

Designed by Tim Cuppet Architects.

kitchen-compact-island-wheels-rustic-countryDesign, Tim Cuppett Architects. Photo, Alec Hemer.

Consider going custom

Under-stair renovations have long proven themselves as resourceful solutions for difficult spaces. They provide you with the opportunity to take advantage of the sturdy structure of your ascenders. Custom-built cubbies and drawers will not only generate unexpected space to store miscellaneous household items, but they can make charming entryway displays. Mini libraries and clutter catch-alls make creating sub-staircase units well worth your dime.

Designed and built by Lynn Donaldson & Associates.

staircase-bookshelf-drawers-storage-compactDesign, Lynn Donaldson & Associates. Photo, Lori Andrews Photography.

Select furniture with storage compartments

Instead of stuffing your overflow goods into plastic bins and shoe boxes, choose a bed frame with embedded storage. The Ikea Brimnes collection comes equipped with generous drawers for an optimized and more functional use of space beneath your mattress. This series also features a headboard with additional shelving and compartments. With so much within arms’ reach, you can linger for a little longer between the sheets.

Brimnes bed frame, $249, Ikea. Brimnes headboard, $130, Ikea.

bed-drawers-storage-bedroom-graphic-duvetPhoto, IKEA.

Focus the fuss into one wall

Sometimes, a single wall can address the majority of a room’s needs. Instead of spreading out everything across all four corners, take a tip from this space-savvy laundry room setup. The closet-sized area is organized to perform as an efficient clothes-cleaning station. Shelves and cabinets contain detergents, buckets, baskets and stacked linens, all the way up to the ceiling. A folding counter covers a couple of hampers and the washing machine; meanwhile, a mounted drying rack and ironing board retract out of the way. This design makes the most of a small spot, and highlights an opportunity to create free space in these sorts of rooms.

Designed by int2architecture.

laundry-room-compact-washing-machinePhoto, int2architecture.

Reconstruct your seating arrangement

For those with limited dining space, a full set of chairs may be more of a hindrance than a help. A booth-style bench lets you keep the table in close quarters to the wall, without cramping on style. Surround your eating surface with only as many chairs as makes spatial sense.

Designed by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design.

kitchen-table-nook-bench-boothDesign, JHID. Photo, Lincoln Barbour.

Discover the dual functionality of two-in-one furniture

Desk by day; coffee table by night. If you’re struggling to find office space in your home, investing in double duty movables might save you time and energy, and it will certainly buy you space. Structube’s cleverly designed table features a pull-out top that lifts to a height of 62 centimeters. What’s more, beneath the secret compartment lies extra storage space, plus an additional drawer. Work or dine comfortably on this convertible surface.

Evo coffee table, $649, Structube.

coffee-table-dual-desk-woodPhoto, Structube.


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