10 foods that optimize your nutrient absorption

Get the most out of your meals by pairing these foods together in the most nutrient-dense way.
10 foods that optimize your nutrient absorption

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Boost energy

Vitamin C + iron: At breakfast sip some OJ with your oatmeal. Vitamin C increases your body’s ability to absorb iron.

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Defend against illness

Lycopene + fatty acids: Eat tomato and avocado together; the healthy fats in avocados up the antioxidant benefits of lycopene in tomatoes.

10 foods that optimize your nutrient absorption

Promote good health

Vitamin C + folate: Squeeze lemon juice on spinach to help your body absorb more folate, which helps prevent heart disease.

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Protect the heart

B12 + omega-3s: Enjoy cold-water fish! The combo of healthy fatty acids and B12 plays a key role in keeping cholesterol levels low.

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Strengthen bones

Vitamin D + calcium: Start your day with a broccoli omelette. Vitamin-D-rich eggs help you absorb more bone-building calcium.

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