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Sex life need a lift? Learn what's normal, what's not, and how to give your libido a boost.
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Sex can be an amazing source of pleasure. Besides feeling good, sex also appears to have health benefits: It burns calories, relieves stress and headache pain, and may even strengthen your immunity. Of course, sex has consequences, including pregnancy. Unprotected sexual activity can put a woman at risk of sexually transmitted infections.

Complications Some women have difficulty enjoying sex because of these sexual problems:

Anorgasmia About 10 percent of women are unable to achieve orgasm, called anorgasmia.

What you can do: Learning to relax, good communication, fantasizing and using a vibrator may all make it easier to achieve orgasm.

Low libido Previous research has suggested that 33 percent of women experience low libido. Women may experience a decline in libido during peri-menopause and menopause. Low testosterone levels in women, vaginal dryness and relationship problems may also contribute to a lack of desire.

What you can do: While there is no female Viagra for women, anyone experiencing a loss of desire can talk to their doctor about treatment options, such as lubricants, testosterone therapy or relationship counseling if relationship difficulties are to blame.


Vaginismus is a medical condition involves muscle tightening when anything is inserted into the vagina, causing pain that ranges from mild discomfort to severe burning.

What you can do: Vaginismus can be cured by gradually learning how to control and relax the muscles that are tightening involuntarily, by doing exercises such as Kegels.

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