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The workout designed to help you get over your ex

Leave the tub of ice cream behind and take a page from Jo Piazza's new program to help you get over him — fast!
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If crying, late-night texting and Facebook stalking constitute your preferred method for getting over your ex then you may want to explore a few alternatives. Because there has to be a better way to heal a broken heart than simply re-breaking it over and over again, right?

That's not a rhetorical question, by the way, I really want to know if there's another way to deal with heartbreak.

Here's one alternative. Instead of punishing yourself — or even worse, torturing yourself — over a failed romance, do the very thing that you’d rather not do — move on with a spring in your step. For some that may mean combing your hair, washing your tear-stained face and hitting the gym.

It doesn't sound all that appealing, I know. But sweating the sadness away is precisely what author Jo Piazza is advocating people do as a form of catharsis. Taking inspiration from her novel, Love Rehab, Piazza has organized a new workout series of the same name.

The inaugural workout took place at Flywheel in NYC, and consisted mainly of people who were nursing a broken heart.

According to the piece, Piazza took a page out of her own life experience in establishing the series. After a painful split she decided to work out her issues at the gym rather than indulge in unhealthy behaviours (binge eating, online stalking, watching sad movies — those are mine, anyway) that only increase misery.


The workout has become so popular the author is taking it on the road in the U.S. No word on whether it’s going to come our way anytime soon, but the lovelorn may still take inspiration from the advice. Rather than call your best friend in tears again it might be a better idea to ask her to join you for a cathartic sweat session. And if you just can’t fight the urge to indulge your sadness then do it wisely — program a soppy playlist for that 5k run.

What do you do to get over heartache? Let us know in the comment section below.


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