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Why 10,000 women are waiting to buy this sports bra

The OMbra, designed by a Montreal company, is a smart bra for runners that monitors heart rate, breathing and fatigue.

A Montreal-based company has created a sports bra for runners who want something a little more sophisticated than your standard Fitbit. OMsignal has just launched the OMbra, which has sensors connected to an app that monitors your heart rate, breathing rhythm, pace, fatigue level and even suggests if you could have pushed yourself harder.

The company recently secured $10 million (U.S.) of financing, led by Relay Ventures, which will help push the product worldwide. The bras went on sale this week and a starter kit — which includes a bra, sensor and micro-USB charger — costs $189. The sensor is removable and additional bras cost $79.

OMsignal released a running shirt with sensors designed for men in 2014. After its success, the company turned its attention to creating a smart bra and developed over 1,600 prototypes in a single year. Designers not only focused on what kind biometrics to include in the app, but also how to create the most comfortable cups, supportive straps and breathable fabric. All four colours will be available to ship in October, but 10,000 women are currently on a waiting list, so be prepared to wait.


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