Gear up

Get the right gear for your best workout

Whether you’re running up and down the stairs, you’ve joined our Walking Club or you’ve discovered the joys of the gym, suiting up with the proper gear will ensure that you get the most out of your workout. Read on to learn about the ultimate exercise accessories.

Get on the ball
But remember: size matters. On a well-inflated stability ball, your thighs should sit flat without sinking. Those under 5’6″ should use the standard 55-centimetre ball; those between 5’7″ and 5’11” should go with a 65-centimetre ball; those taller should use the 75-centimetre ball. The ball should mold to your body, says Barb Maduck, a personal trainer and owner of Partners in Fitness in Saskatoon.

Clip it on
A pedometer (about $16 at fitness retailers) can help you work in extra steps throughout the day. Walk down the hall instead of phoning your colleague or go cordless and walk while you talk. Aim for 10,000 steps a day.

Support yourself
Christina Leung, a buyer for the Running Room in Edmonton, recommends wide-strap bras that cross in the back for support and even weight distribution. Higher cut bras with spandex keep you in place. Make sure both the lining and the outer bra are made of sweat-wicking material to keep you dry. “You’ll spend at least $50 for a good bra, but you’ll have it for a long time,” says Leung.

Don’t sweat it
Insiya Rasiwala, community education manager for Lululemon Athletica in Vancouver, recommends combining fashion and function. A pant made from sweat-wicking material will keep you dry and a nylon-lycra blend will allow you to move freely while jogging or doing yoga. A slim fitting pant with a cinched or different coloured waistband—such as their Crescent Pant—will also accentuate a slim waist and hips.

There is no denying that footwear is an important part of the fitness get-up. Read our guide to buying the right shoes and equipment for tips on maintaining happy feet.

Log on
To keep track of your progress, arm yourself with a printable fitness log.

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