Five ways to keep lupus symptoms at bay

Fight lupus flares with these five tips from our health team:
By Karen Robock
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Fight lupus flares with these five tips from our health team:

1. Halt the hormones
The Pill is thought to increase the risk of flares, so non-hormonal birth control methods, such as condoms, are the safest.

2. Sleep in
Lupus patients often experience persistent fatigue different from normal tiredness. Get enough sleep at night and rest during the day when necessary.

3. Be sun savvy
Ultraviolet light can cause rashes and trigger internal symptoms. Wear long sleeves and a hat (as well as sunscreen with an SPF of at least 45) when you go outdoors.

4. Stay fit
Studies show exercise may reduce the risk of heart disease in lupus patients, who are particularly susceptible. It also improves sleep quality.

5. Eat well
Enjoy a balanced diet high in fibre and low in refined sugars, sodium and fat (cortico-steroid treatments can increase appetite, causing weight gain). Beware of alfalfa sprouts and soy, which may aggravate symptoms.

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