What it's really like balancing holidays with cancer treatment

With Passover fast-approaching, our ovarian cancer blogger tells us how she'll juggle hosting duties with treatment duties.

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Wow! Who knew a person could have that many medical tests in one day. Last Friday I went for the screening tests for the clinical trial I am going to start. My day started with some blood work and some questions from my nurse. No problem! I then had an ECG to make sure that everything was fine with my heart. Once my blood test results were back I met with one of the doctors on the clinical trial team (really nice guy – wish I could remember his name). He gave me some neurological tests. Happy to say that I was able to recall the words he told me to remember and I was able to orient my date and location. Following that, I went for a CT scan. Had to drink that gross orange drink beforehand. Finally, after the CT scan, I crossed the street to Toronto General and had an MRI. What a day! I’m assuming they now know everything they could possibly need to know about me.

I was supposed to start the clinical trial on Monday following all these tests but unfortunately the trial was pushed back by one week. So, I am going to start next Monday. All of this is fine except…. I move on Friday (finally getting back into my house – mould-free!), then I’ll be in the hospital all day Monday for the first day of the trial. That night is the first night of Passover. I’ll be late for the seder, but the harder part is that I have 19 people coming to dinner for the second night of Passover on the Tuesday. No baking from scratch this year.

These are all good things though, and I’m happy to have to balance them. A new treatment that has hope of few side effects and positive outcomes, moving back into my home, and celebrating the holiday with family and friends. Spring has sprung, in all ways.

I’m looking forward to the sunshine and a forecast of bright days ahead 🙂

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