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5 New Colourful Dishware Sets

Just as intimate dinner parties are making a comeback, so is wildly colourful dishware. Here are five of our top picks.

A spread of various colourful and vibrant plates

We’ve just lived through a very sombre time, so it’s no wonder we’re embracing maximalist decor again, from neon-lit mirrors to kaleidoscopic hand-tufted rugs to grass-green velvet sofas. Now exuberant, colourful dishware has entered the room, just in time to welcome the return of home entertaining.

“So many people got serious in the kitchen over the pandemic that it only makes sense to make the experience of eating that food be just as special,” says Sarah Pecaut, who recently co-founded the dinnerware brand Misette with her sister, Amy Burstyn Fritz. (It’s fair to say that the siblings, who are both event planners—Pecaut in New York and Burstyn Fritz in Toronto—know a thing or two about setting a stylish table.) The brand, which features an assortment of quirky mix-and-match dishes, placemats, napkins and table accessories, was inspired by the shift toward a more personality-driven dining experience.

“There has been this trend for so long about everything being minimal and lacking colour,” says Pecaut.“Increasingly, I think people are looking to be more expressive and fun in terms of what they bring into their homes.”

According to Burstyn Fritz, when mixing and matching tableware, it helps to stick to the same general colour palette and shapes of your existing pieces, so that it feels fun but still curated. “As with everything,” she says, “choose pieces that feel like you.”

Here are our top picks for new, vibrant dishware:

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