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The Best At-Home Coffee Maker Costs Just $55

Yes, you can quickly and easily make cafe-quality coffee at home with an AeroPress. Here’s how.

My quest to perfect brewed-at-home coffee (rich flavour, smooth texture, not acidic) seemed never-ending. I tried mixing up my variables: different beans and roasts, tap water versus filtered, and countless different machines and brewing methods—including automatic drip coffee, an espresso maker, pour-over drip, a French press and a Chemex.

I still wasn’t getting the perfect coffee result that I wanted. And then I discovered the AeroPress coffee maker.

Picture of a automatic drip coffee pot, french press and aeropress coffeemaker.

From auto drip to French press to AeroPress—my coffee brewing journey.

About the size of a drinking glass, and made of sturdy BPA-free polypropylene, the AeroPress makes, hands down, the best cup of coffee I have ever brewed at home. It’s comprised of just four parts—a chamber, a plunger, a filter cap and a paper filter—which makes it easy to clean and less likely to break.

The method is also simple; it operates like a syringe. When the coffee grinds and hot water combine in the chamber, the grinds get fully immersed (they look like they are floating around) and the pressure created when plunging results in a full extraction from the coffee beans in the fraction of the time of other methods (just 60 seconds).

This short brew time, combined with its unique paper filters (which remove oil and other compounds), creates a less bitter, less-acidic, richer and fuller-flavoured cup of coffee compared to other methods.

Image of a person brewing coffee using an AeroPress coffeemaker

To brew a cup of coffee using an AeroPress, place a paper filter in the filter cap and screw the cap onto the chamber. Place the chamber over your mug, add grinds and fill with water to the number two. Stir for 10 seconds, fill with more water to the four, insert the plunger and press. Voila, a perfect cup of coffee in 60 seconds. (Photos: District Coffee Roasters)

Need to make AeroPress coffee for a crowd? It’s easy to scale the amounts up or down, or modify the ratio of ground beans to water for specific types of brew. For large amounts, you can brew two to three strong pressings into a carafe and then top it off with hot water, Americano-style.

Craving an espresso? Simply use less water for a stronger shot. Want a latte? Brew using the espresso ratio first, then add steamed milk. It is truly versatile!

On-the-go coffee making is easier than ever

Another true bonus: This coffee maker is portable and can easily fit into suitcase or weekend bag, something you’d never think to do with a French press or Chemex. Ever since I stumbled upon the AeroPress, I have made it a constant companion on many trips.

The AeroPress includes a storage bag, enabling me to easily pack it along with its accompanying items: paper filters, a stirring utensil and a precisely measured scoop. I simply secure the bag shut and place it in my suitcase alongside a container of freshly ground coffee beans and my beloved travel mug.

The best part is that the AeroPress is constructed from sturdy plastic, alleviating any concerns about it getting damaged during transit.

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AeroPress Original Coffee Press, $55


An hand on the plunger of an Aeropress coffeemaker.

This is the OG Aeropress, which is highly portable and makes brewing coffee a breeze. It’s lightweight and made of plastic that is free of both BPA and phalates.

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AeroPress Go, $55

The new AeropressGo coffeemaker, as part of a post on AeropressCoffeemakers.

This newer addition to the Aeropress line-up is a travel coffee maker that has several features that make it even *more* portable than the original. It’s slightly smaller than the original, but still makes the same amount of coffee. It also includes a travel cup and lid that double as a carrying case.

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AeroPress Replacement Filters, $13 for 350

A sua

These paper AeroPress filters absorb bitter-tasting compounds from coffee grounds and prevent fine grounds from finding their way to your cup.

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AeroPress Stainless Steel Reusable Filter, $20

An Aeropress stainless steel filter, as part of a post on Aeropresscoffeemakers.

This stainless steel filter is infinitely reusable—never worry about running low on paper filters again—and promises the same grit-free results.

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