12 Unique And Absolutely Irresistible Ice Creams From Across Canada

These extraordinarily tasty regional scoops might inspire you to take a cross-country road trip.
By Amy Grief
12 Unique And Absolutely Irresistible Ice Creams From Across Canada

It's the season for a sweet and creamy scoop—or several. Here are our favourite flavours from across the country.

Serious Chocolate

Flavours rotate seasonally at this mini chain, but the hands-down pick of chocolate fiends is this scoop that’s rich and slightly bitter, and made with premium cocoa.

$5, Earnest Ice Cream, Vancouver.

Bowl of chocolate ice cream.


For some regional flair, try this ice cream with huckleberry extract and Alberta-grown honeysuckle berries. Founder Billy Friley first tasted this local recipe on his grandma’s front porch.

$5, Village Ice Cream, Calgary. 

Scoop of huckleberry ice cream on a sugar cone.

Pina Colada

If you’re indecisive, you might have a hard time at this 71-year-old scoop shop, where there are some 50 varieties on offer. Our favourite is this fruity coconut-and-pineapple-flavoured option.

$4, MacKay’s Ice Cream, Cochrane, Alta.

Scoop of pina colada ice cream in a round blue bowl.

Dog’s Breakfast

It's worth the lineup at this classic scoop shop, which offers all sorts of sundaes and frozen creations, including this behemoth of 14 scoops, two bananas and six toppings, served in a dog bowl.

$27, Homestead Ice Cream, Saskatoon.

A bowl of dog's breakfast ice cream.

The Goog

The beloved BDI is home to this unique concoction: a thick blueberry milkshake topped with ice cream, hot fudge, bananas, peanuts, whipped cream and a cherry.

$7, Bridge Drive-In, Winnipeg.

The goog milkshake in a red cup that says

Louis Lavender

Local ingredients are in the spotlight here, including in this award-winning floral flavour filled with lavender and saskatoon berries.

$6, Chaeban, Winnipeg.

A scoop of Louis Lavender ice cream in a sugar cone.

Campfire Cream

As you check out Prince Edward County’s many wineries, stop for this scoop, which gives you the sugary, slightly burned flavour of a toasted marshmallow without having to stand over an open flame.

$3, Slickers, Picton, Ont.

Two scoops of campfire ice cream, one on top of the other, in a sugar cone.

Tiger Tail

You’ll find this orange-flavoured ice cream with ribbons of black licorice at this ice creamery’s shops peppered around Ontario’s cottage country.

$4, Kawartha Dairy, multiple locations, Ont.

A scoop of tiger tail ice cream in a blue and white Kawartha Dairy paper cup.


Why choose between St-Viateur and Fairmount when you can just have your bagel in ice cream form? This distinctly Montreal flavour starts with a base of cream cheese ice cream that’s stuffed with bagel bits and strawberry jam.

$4, Les Givres, Montreal.

A scoop of bagel ice cream in a blue Les Givres paper cup with a wooden spoon in it.

Moon Mist

It looks like it was made for Instagram, but this pastel-hued flavour (grape, banana and bubblegum all swirled together) has been a Nova Scotia favourite since at least the 1980s.

$3, Chill Zone, Sydney, N.S.

A scoop of moon mist ice cream in a sugar cone.

Lemon Curd and Blueberry

A scoop comes with a side of history at this restored homestead dating back to 1855. While there’s a rotating roster of varieties here, be sure to try this sweet-tart combo swirled into vanilla ice cream.

$3.50, Holman’s Ice Cream Parlour, Summerside, P.E.I.

A scoop of lemon curd and blueberry ice cream in a sugar cone.

Devil’s Footprints

Named after a nearby rock formation, this bright red scoop starts with a creamy custard base and gets packed with hand-picked partridgeberries—they’re like cranberries, but even more tart.

$4, Sweet Rock Ice Cream, Bonavista, Nfld.

Three scoops of Devil's Footprint ice cream in a waffle cone.


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