The Definitive Ranking Of Tim Hortons Timbits

Chocolate glazed? Honey cruller? We ate a whole bunch of Timbits to crown the best one.
sour cream glazed Timbit on a light blue background

Nothing says road trip like a double-double and a box of Timbits. But when Tim Hortons’ iconic cardboard box lands in front of you, which mini-doughnut  should you reach for first?

The answer’s not so clear cut—at least according to a group of Chatelaine staffers. While our Timbits Taste Test wasn’t so fancy as to be randomized or double-blind, we ate whole bunch of Canadian fried dough balls, and have strong opinions about them.

Timbits first made their debut in 1976. Flavours vary across Canada, but the most common options include: birthday cake, sour cream glazed, toasted coconut, honey cruller, honey dip, apple fritter, strawberry-filled, chocolate glazed, old fashion plain, old fashion sugar and old fashion glazed.

After visiting three different Tim Hortons locations, we found most of these flavours (except toasted coconut and strawberry-filled), as well as some elusive varieties, such as Venetian cream. So which one came out on top? Spoiler alert: if you love old fashion plain, you won't be happy with these results.

Here's our totally subjective ranking, starting with the least popular.

12. Old Fashion Plain

This unadorned Timbit didn’t have too many fans, and most thought it was the most boring of the bunch. “It tastes like bread.” (A different staffer, however, praised old fashion plain’s texture and quaint simplicity.)

Old fashion plain Timbit on light blue background

11. Old Fashion Sugar

Not even a coating of literal sugar could make this Timbit stand out.

Old fashion sugar Timbit on light blue background


10. Chocolate Snowball

This is a chocolate Timbit covered in icing sugar. It’s hard to find, it looks pretty—and it tastes meh.

Chocolate snowball Timbit on blue background

9. Chocolate Glazed

Many instinctively reach for this Timbit because, chocolate. If you end up disappointed, you’re not alone—sadly, this dough ball isn’t all that chocolatey. “It’s dry AF.” (Other staffers disagree and say that chocolate is always a winner in their book.)

Chocolate glazed Timbit on a light blue background

8. Old Fashion Glazed

Out of the old fashion trio, the old fashion glazed came out on top. “It’s sweet and just right.”

Old fashion glazed Timbit on a light blue background


7. Honey Dip

No one had strong opinions about this yeasty ball. If you blindly grab this Timbit from the box, you won’t be disappointed—but you probably won’t be rewarded with an explosion of flavour, either.

Honey dip Timbit on a light blue background

6. Birthday Cake

With the popularity of rainbows, sprinkles and funfetti, this is probably the trendiest Timbit of the bunch. “It might be cloyingly sweet, but I still love it.”

Birthday cake Timbit on a light blue background

5. Raspberry-filled

This powdery, fruit-filled Timbit is like a little flavour bomb. Filled Timbits are a nostalgic treat and kids love them.

Powder sugar-coated raspberry-filled Timbit on a blue background


4. Apple Fritter

The apple fritter is delicious any time of year. This apple and cinnamon-flecked Timbit is also covered in a thick, sugary glaze, making it a perennial favourite.

Apple fritter Timbit on a light blue background

3. Honey Cruller

The light and airy honey cruller was a contentious little doughnut. Some called it soggy, but others loved its fluffiness. “It felt the most fancy and sugary and melt-in-your-mouth.” 

Honey cruller Timbit on a light blue background

2. Venetian Cream

This hard-to-find Timbit is pretty much a miniature Boston cream doughnut. Chatelaine staffers appreciated its novelty—and loved its rich chocolate glaze. “[It] tastes like a dessert in Timbit form.”

Venetian cream Timbit on a light blue background


1. Sour Cream Glazed

And the winner is … sour cream glazed! This cake-style Timbit came out on top because it’s undoubtedly the best of the bunch, no questions asked. If you’re looking for a small indulgence on the road, mid-afternoon or anytime at night (thank you 24-hour Tims!), this is the Timbit to go for. “It was the most flavourful with a sweet tang.”

Sour cream glazed Timbit on a light blue background with white lines around it


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