Welcome To The New Older

Eight women—including Jann Arden, Elaine Lui and Marilyn Denis—share their inspiring, refreshing and honest takes on aging.

The only acceptable way to enter middle age used to be to pretend it wasn’t happening—that age was “just a state of mind.” But times have changed. Grey hair is in. So are wrinkles and stretch marks. And if you’re booking an appointment for a few fillers, there’s no shame—to each her own. What matters is that aging is a source of power. As our October-November cover star,  Jann Arden, says, “It’s such an amazing opportunity, to get old. My motto is, ‘If you’re not beside me, get out of my way.’”

Read on for more inspiring, refreshing and honest takes on aging from Jann, Elaine Lui, Marilyn Denis and more.

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