How WonderBra’s Charity Campaign Gives Communities a Voice

Share the Wonder is empowering Canadians to support the causes they care most about

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You’re in the market for a new bra, so the first step is doing your due diligence—shortlisting ones that fit well, offer enough support, and are breathable, all while being cute to boot. Along the way, between reading review after review, you take time to research the brand’s history and ethics: What are their values? How do they view social responsibility? Are they actively working towards a better future beyond their business? Ultimately, it’s the tipping point that seals your decision. 

This new buying journey has “big picture” in mind (because so long are the days of simply choosing and checking out!). Instead, shoppers are embracing their role as conscious consumers, being informed about the brands they support. It’s a shift that has encouraged brands like WonderBra to not only communicate, but also act on their values more boldly, beyond the buzzwords. 

WonderBra’s rich history of producing quality, comfortable bras and undergarments started in 1939, and since, they’ve continued to redefine modern empowerment. By championing beauty in all shapes and sizes, the Canadian intimates brand uplifts women and celebrates individuality and confidence. And, with the launch of their Share the Wonder program in 2022, WonderBra furthered this mission to make a meaningful impact that transcends appearances. 

“We have always been committed to giving back to our communities and protecting the environment. However, with so many causes and initiatives to choose from, we realized that we couldn’t decide alone what was important. That’s why we decided to give our community a voice through our Share the Wonder program,” says Marianne Cobb, the general manager of WonderBra Canada. “We want to hear from our community, to listen to their voices, and to learn from their perspectives. We believe that this approach is aligned with our brand’s mission to impact, inspire, and educate.”

In the first year of the program, consumers were asked to nominate charities they felt most passionate about, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Out of the sea of responses, they selected three winners and donated up to $14,000 to each organization. This year, WonderBra opted to facilitate the process by providing a list of charities for Canadians to vote from, and then the charity with the most votes will be awarded up to a $25,000 Share the Wonder donation. 

“We recognize that while many of our consumers want to do good, they may not always know which organizations can provide the most effective support. That’s why we have aligned ourselves with Charity Intelligence Canada to identify Canada’s top-ranked charities,” says Cobb, adding that $5,000 of the total donation will be based on social media shares and engagement. “We believe that this approach is a fair and transparent way to support charities and causes that are making a real difference in our communities.” 

To curate a list of charities, WonderBra leveraged the standards and methodology of Charity Intelligence Canada. This approach ensures that donations are truly being put towards positive community impact.

“Our communities have a right to know how their votes translate to donations“, she adds. “We believe that financial transparency is not only important for building trust and credibility, but it is also essential for driving positive change and creating a better future for all.”

WonderBra Share the Wonder campaign

The voting phase will take place from Aug. 28 – Sept. 25, and the list of charities will span across multiple categories including women & youth, education, environment, hunger relief and health and social services. The winning charity will then be announced on Oct. 17, but the program doesn’t end there. From then until Oct. 24th, the WonderBra community will be encouraged to share, like, and tag friends on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, earning an additional $1 per engagement that the brand will donate to the winning charity with a cap of $5,000 total.

Through this program, their goal is not only to give back to a community in need, but also amplify the voices of Canadians by giving them a platform to support causes they care about. Looking forward, Cobb says they’re excited for more charitable collaborations in the future, as WonderBra makes significant strides towards a more sustainable future and a smaller environmental footprint. The launch of the EcoPure collection in 2021 is one example – bras that are mindfully made with recycled fibers. This initiative didn’t stop there. They also partnered with A living Tribute in spring 2023 to support ongoing reforestation projects in Canada where more than 19,000 trees will be planted.

“Next year, we are committed to building on this legacy and finding new ways to make a positive difference,” she says. “Whether it’s through growing our sustainable collections or community-driven initiatives, we remain steadfast in our commitment to creating a brighter future for all.” 

Click here to learn more about WonderBra Canada’s #ShareTheWonder Program. 

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