This Holiday Season, Create Your Own Traditions

Put a fresh twist on your annual festive customs or invent new ones. 
By PC Insiders
This Holiday Season, Create Your Own Traditions
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Whether it’s the scent of sweet treats baking in the oven or a movie you’ve watched so many times that you know all the best lines by heart, annual traditions are a big part of what makes the holiday season so special. 

But while it’s exciting to anticipate another round of holiday fun, this time of year can be stressful. With all the planning and preparation involved, it’s no wonder two-thirds of Canadians say they feel pressure to make the holiday season magical, according to a recent survey commissioned by President’s Choice. 

The good news is, making the holidays special doesn’t have to mean leaning on the same old routines year after year or spending hours preparing. Creating new traditions with PC offers the chance to liven things up and cut out needless holiday stress.  

Wondering where to start? The new PC Insiders Report holiday edition is filled with hundreds of tasty and time-saving ideas to streamline and refresh all your favourite holiday traditions—and give your loved ones something new to build memories around. Here are a few your friends and family will love.


Fill your cookie swap with joy (and ricotta)

Holiday table setting with cannolis and cookies

Win this year’s cookie exchange with an impressive batch of hand-piped cannoli. This Italian favourite is guaranteed to wow everyone on your cookie list—and there’s no baking required. Based on an old family recipe, the PC Cannoli Kit is easy to use at home and includes premade shells and sweet chocolate chip and cinnamon-spiked ricotta filling. Simply stuff and go. 

Holiday donuts? Yes, please! (No frying required!)

Holiday donuts with baking pan

Instead of making the usual gingerbread house, try throwing a donut-decorating party. PC Old-Fashioned Cake Donut Baking Mix baked in the PC Non-Stick Carbon Steel Donut Pan makes donut-making easier than ever and offers a fun twist everyone can really sink their teeth into. Decorate individual donuts or create majestic donut towers by adding sprinkles, gummies, chocolate and almonds. (Hello PC Milk Chocolate Covered Chai Tea Almonds and Loads of Gummies & Candies Milk Chocolate Dessert Bar!)

Dinner and chill

PC Jerk Chicken box next to plate of chicken wings

There’s a lot to be said for a traditional turkey dinner, but truthfully, it’s a ton of work (and let’s face it; a lot of people really just love the side dishes anyway!). This year, instead of a big formal dinner, consider a more casual approach that allows everyone—including you—to chill out and enjoy being together. Ready-to-heat appetizers are a great way to incorporate both new and traditional elements into your meal. Try adding some spice with PC Jerk Chicken Wings or a new play on holiday flavours with PC Cranberry & Brie Puff Pastry Bites—without spending hours in the kitchen. Just pop them in the oven and get back to the fun.

Warm up with deliciousness

Hot cocoa with marshmellows next to box of PC Black Label Madagascar Vanilla Marshmallows

Who cares if the weather outside is frightful when warming up with steaming hot chocolate is just so delightful? After a day of tobogganing or skating, cozy up with mugs of PC Peppermint Candy Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix, complete with real peppermint candy pieces and dark chocolate chips. Don’t forget to up the yum factor by tossing in a couple of PC Black Label Madagascar Vanilla Marshmallows. Or, if you're a tea drinker, go for the PC Chocolatey Peppermint Herbal Tea.

More memorable movie nights

A tub of PC Cranberry Vanilla with White Chocolatey Fudge Crackle Ice Cream next to bowls and scoop

Whether it’s a generations-old classic or a new release, in these days of streaming many of us like to gather around a movie, not the fire. Alongside some popcorn, a bowl of rich sweet ice cream makes for an ideal movie night pairing to complete the tradition. Made from a mix of creamy vanilla and 100 percent Canadian cranberry ice cream, PC Cranberry Vanilla with White Chocolatey Fudge Crackle Ice Cream is an instant holiday classic that will make the perfect co-star to your family’s favourite flick.


Looking for more fresh ideas for holiday traditions your whole family will love? With more than 100 new products and ideas, check out the PC Insiders Report holiday edition for inspiration now.