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15 Cozy Leek Recipes For Fall And Winter

Ever wondered what to do with this mild-flavoured member of the onion family? No more! From savoury tarts to steaming soups, these are some of our favourite ways to use it in the kitchen.
15 Cozy Leek Recipes For Fall And Winter

Leek and pancetta galettes. Photo, Erik Putz.

Meet the onion's stalky cousin. The leek has a mild flavour that lends itself well to soups, savoury pies and creamy risottos—making it the perfect vegetable to add to the crisper for comfort food season.

Skillet chicken pot pie

A simple, one-pan wonder that brings big flavour to the dinner table (with less mess!). Get our skillet chicken pot pie recipe.

Chicken pot pie in teal skillet. Photo, Erik Putz.

Classic fish chowder

Transport yourself to the East Coast with a rich bowl of this fish, potato and cream-based soup. (We used haddock, but any white fish will taste great.) Get our classic fish chowder recipe.

Classic fish chowder Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Classic turkey soup

Leftovers hanging around in the fridge? No problem! Throw that turkey into one of the most popular Thanksgiving leftover recipes of all: soup. Get our classic turkey soup recipe.

Classic turkey soup recipe Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Leek and pancetta galette

Creamy Boursin cheese is paired with sautéed leeks, mushrooms and pancetta for a savoury galette. Get the recipe.

Leek recipes: Leek and pancetta galette Photo, Erik Putz.

Chicken and leek pie

The leeks, thyme and garlic makes this a deliciously fragrant dish. (It also tastes as good as it smells.) Get the recipe.

Chicken and leek pie Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Cilantro Soup

Leeks don’t have to be front and centre—use them as an aromatic when preparing your soup (try this method) and let another ingredient take the spotlight. Get our cilantro soup recipe.

Cilantro soup in a soup tureen with a serving laden next to a doily and a red chrysanthemum and a bowl of lime slices

Gingery tofu and rice noodle soup

This warming vegetarian soup is perfect for early fall (and the start of cold season). Packed with iron-rich spinach and fresh ginger, it’s our new cure-all. Get the recipe.

Winter soup recipes: Gingery tofu noodle soup Photo, Erik Putz.

Roasted cauliflower and leek pasta

Cold-weather comfort food to put a smile on your face! For dinner tonight, penne rigate is tossed with cream, parmesan, herbs and roasted veggies. Get the recipe.

Roasted cauliflower and leek pasta Photo, Erik Putz.

Creamy leek dip

This dip is an easy add-on to your entertaining season repertoire. (Bonus: Ready is just 15 minutes!) Get the recipe.

Vegetable platter with creamy dip Photo, Sian Richards.

Parsnip, apple and leek soup

There are many wonderful layers of subtle flavours to this soup. Make it up to two days in advance and reheat, thinning with more broth if desired. Get the recipe.

Vegetable soup: Parsnip, apple and leek soup Photo, Erik Putz.

Leek and fennel soup with poached haddock

Chowder takes the backseat tonight. This aromatic, creamy soup is a simple comfort food you can put together in under an hour. Toasted fennel and sautéed leeks lend it a gourmet taste, without all the heavy lifting. Get the recipe.

leek and fennel soup with poached haddock recipe in tin bowl on wooden tabletop Photo, Erik Putz.

Turkey and leek risotto

This is one of our favourite ways to use up leftover turkey. The creamy rosotto hits all the right flavour notes, with a touch a sage, shavings of parmesan and, of course, juicy bits of turkey. Get the recipe.

Easy risotto recipes: Turkey and leek risotto Photo, Sian Richards.

Chicken noodle soup

Skip the boxed stuff: This cozy comfort food is easily made at home (and tastes better, too). Get the recipe.

Chicken soup made with homemade chicken broth. Photo, Sian Richards.

Artichoke and leek vichyssoise

A creamy and elegant starter soup, ideal for entertaining. Finish with olive tapenade, tomato, onion and oil. Get the recipe.

15 Cozy Leek Recipes For Fall And Winter Photo, Roberto Caruso.

Ottolenghi’s baked blue cheesecake with pickled beets and honey

An entertaining marvel, this dish, from Yotam Ottolenghi and Ramael Scully’s cookbook Nopi will dazzle your dinner guests. Get the recipe.

Ottolenghi_Baked blue cheesecake with pickled beets and honey Photo, Jonathan Lovekin.

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