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5 New Eggnog Recipes, From Classic Nog To French Toast

If you have eggnog, then you’ve got dessert or breakfast—or the most delicious latte. The festive sipper is the star of the show in these incredibly satisfying sweet treats.
5 New Eggnog Recipes, From Classic Nog To French Toast

Homemade Rum Eggnog

Try this festive sipper on its own—or in a delicious latte (or even French toast). Leave out the rum for a nonalcoholic treat. Get the homemade rum eggnog recipe here. Erik Putz)

Eggnog Latte

This festive latte builds on our rum eggnog to make a delicious drink for one. Get the eggnog latte recipe here. 

Two mugs with latte and cinnamon sticks inside(Photo: Erik Putz)


Eggnog French Toast

Up your holiday breakfasts by trying this French toast soaked in an eggnog mix and topped with fresh berries. Get the eggnog french toast recipe here. 

A plate of french toast with butter squares on top.(Photo: Erik Putz)

Eggnog Panna Cotta

With a beautiful silky texture, this panna cotta tastes even better than it looks. Get the eggnog panna cotta recipe here. 

A soft yellow panna cotta with fresh berries off to the side.(Photo: Erik Putz)

Eggnog Snowflake Cake Bites

Cut these cake bites into diamonds and garnish with icing sugar to make a beautiful (and edible) holiday snowflake. Get the eggnog snowflake cake bites recipe here. 

Diamond shaped pieces of cake arranged in the shape of a snowflake.(Photo: Erik Putz)


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