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10 decadent (and easy!) ice cream desserts to make this summer

From gourmet ice cream sandwiches to a showstopper frozen cheesecake, these iced treats are summer showstoppers.
10 decadent (and easy!) ice cream desserts to make this summer

Photo, Erik Putz.

Ice Cream Pops

Birthday cake ice cream pops

Dipped in white chocolate and crunchy coloured cereal rings, these iced pops make a perfect treat for a summer birthday party (or any time you’re feeling festive!). Get the recipe.

homemade ice cream pops:Birthday cake ice cream popsPhoto, Erik Putz.

Triple-chocolate ice cream pops

With melted chocolate, cocoa powder, and crushed chocolate cookies, these pops are a chocolate lover’s dream. Get the recipe.

Triple-chocolate ice cream popsPhoto, Erik Putz.

Toasted almond ice cream pops

Can’t decide between chocolate and vanilla? No need to compromise, this pop has them both. Get the recipe.

Toasted almond ice cream popsPhoto, Erik Putz.

Strawberry shortcake ice cream pops

When it’s too hot out to bake, try making these strawberry shortcake pops instead. Get the recipe.

Strawberry shortcake ice cream popsPhoto, Erik Putz.

Nanaimo bar ice cream pops

Your favourite Canadian dessert reinvented as an ice cream treat! Get the recipe.

Nanaimo bar ice cream popsPhoto, Erik Putz.

Almond-cherry ice cream sandwich

Peanut butter cookies are soft and chewy, so they’re great for making ice cream sandwiches like this one. Get the recipe.

peanut butter cookie Almond-cherry ice cream sandwichPhoto, Erik Putz.

Chocolate-pretzel ice cream sandwich

Peanut butter, chocolate, and pretels make the ultimate trio in this indulgent treat. Get the recipe.

Chocolate-pretzel ice cream sandwichPhoto, Erik Putz.

Raspberry-vanilla ice cream sandwich

Create a new flavour by swirling raspberry jam into vanilla ice cream, then dip in melted chocolate for a luxurious finishing touch. Get the recipe.

Raspberry-vanilla ice cream sandwichPhoto, Erik Putz.

Salted caramel ice cream bars

A nifty hack makes assembling these deluxe ice cream bars a breeze. (We just can't get enough of them.) Get the recipe.

Salted caramel ice cream barsPhoto, Erik Putz.

Black forest frozen cheesecake

Wow your friends with this incredible cake — topped with cherries, choclate and chantilly cream. (No baking required!) Get the recipe.

Black forest frozen cheesecakePhoto, Erik Putz.

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