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Three delicious ways to use ramen noodles

We show you how to hack your guilty pleasure — instant noodles — into three delicious recipes!
Three delicious ways to use ramen noodles

3 ways to hack ramen

A taste for ramen

We're all familiar with the allure of instant noodles; they're inexpensive, quick to make and tasty (that might be the salt though).

Confession time: ramen was my go-to meal in college when I was too lazy to leave my dorm room — thank God for electric kettles! These days, my palate is more discerning — so while I still crave ramen once in a while, I'm adding more protein and vegetables into the mix to satisfy my more refined tastes.  

Read on to find three ways we use ramen, and how you can incorporate them into your meals. (P.S. You don't always have to use it in a soup!)

Three delicious ways to use ramen noodlesInstant ramen

Brilliant breakfast

We turn the classic bacon and eggs combo into a breakfast extravaganza with our sesame ramen with bacon and egg. The noodles are tossed with bacon, spinach and a light dressing, then topped with a sunny-side up egg.

Get the recipe.

Three delicious ways to use ramen noodlesSesame ramen with bacon and eggPhoto, Roberto Caruso

Dressed-up salad

Instant noodles equal an instant salad! This Indonesian-inspired gado-gado salad takes just five minutes to prep. And it's jam-packed with fresh vegetables and drizzled with a savoury peanut dressing.

Get the recipe.

Three delicious ways to use ramen noodlesNutty ramen gado-gado salad Photo, Roberto Caruso

Savoury side

Ramen doesn't always have to play a starring role. We loved the crunch of toasted ramen in this Asian-inspired purple slaw — a perfect side to any dish!

Get the recipe.

Three delicious ways to use ramen noodlesPurple slaw with toasted ramenPhoto, Roberto Caruso


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