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How to grill the juiciest burger

What's the secret to grilling up the most succulent burger? Our food editor shares her five best tips for making the best burger
Two-ingredient burger.Photo, Erik Putz. Two-ingredient burger. (Photo, Erik Putz.)

Our food editor, Claire Tansey shares her top five tips for making the perfect burger:

1. Start with medium ground beef (instead of lean or extra lean beef). It has a lot more flavour and most of the fat drips away while it's cooking.

2. Mix the meat with your hands (instead of using utensils). This will ensure you don't over mix the meat and creates a nice texture.

3. To make patties: Take a handful of ground beef and shape it into a ball and then flatten it out. Don't make the patties too thick - 1/2-1 inch thick is the perfect size.

4. Grilling trick: Take your thumb and make a little dent in the middle of each patty.

5. The grill should be hot before you add the patties – this will ensure they don't stick and they'll achieve that caramelized exterior. Don't flip them too many times. And, never ever squeeze down on the patties with your spatula (that will make all the flavour escape).


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