Lainey Gossip’s Year of the Rooster Predictions

In Chinese astrology, 2017 is the Year of the Rooster. With a little help from her ma, Elaine Lui tells you what’s in store.
By Elaine Lui, Flare
Lainey Gossip’s Year of the Rooster Predictions

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, gossip blogger Elaine Lui enlists her ma (A.K.A the Squawking Chicken) to predict the year ahead for each of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac. To read about their family tradition, click here. To find out what's ahead for you, click through to your sign below.

Lainey Gossip’s Year of the Rooster Predictions


There are two bad luck stars hovering over the Rooster and you may experience a lot of pressure this year. “Should I do it or not do it?” “Should I go or stay?” —these are the questions you might be asking yourself. When faced with dilemmas, your biggest enemy is yourself. Try not to create even more stress than necessary. You are advised to pay close attention to your family members. And it is strongly recommended that you see the doctor at the beginning of the year for a full medical checkup including bloodwork. In addition to those bad luck stars, however, there are also two lucky stars shining on Roosters this year. While the power of these two lucky stars might be neutralised by the bad luck stars in this low energy period, if you can minimize your setbacks and be smart about your decisions, they will be there to make sure that what was lost will come back.

 Roosters born in 1933 and 1945 should watch where they are going, get a lot of rest, take care of your body. There is the risk of a falling down injury.

1957 Roosters should look out for their partners, particularly their health. Celebrate your birthday with friends and family, the more the merrier. The goodwill and love you receive at this event will protect you.

1969 Roosters will be well-fed this year. In Chinese culture, when you have lots to eat, it means you are comfortable and secure. You may also find the creative inspiration you’ve been looking for.

1981 Roosters could experience relationship complications. Try to avoid the romantic drama. Think through your choices. Because cheating will derail the path of your luck for many years to come.

1993 Roosters are also encouraged to celebrate their birthdays in a big way. It will help block bad luck.

If you are the parent of a 2005 Rooster, keep an eye on the emotional well-being of your child.

All Roosters are encouraged to surround themselves with as much festivity as possible this year. Go to parties, be around those who are celebration. And, if possible, it is critical that you stay away from funerals. Be extra cautious in March and April. Make no investments during these months. Play it safe and avoid risks. You may be more stressed than usual in August and September. Maximize your rest, conserve energy and take care of your body. Be mindful of conflict with your partner in September and October. In November, your luck may start to improve. But you must continue to be careful, because a slip-up or a trip-up might set you back. Roosters born in autumn and winter must be particularly vigilant about health.

Roosters may find that love is not easy this year. Don’t force or rush any romantic decisions. Make your health a priority. Major changes could be on the way. Like moving or changing jobs. Your spirituality and/or faith will help you in these times. Stay present and keep your mind still and focused.

Luck is temperamental, it is in its natural to fluctuate, ebb and flow—this is true for every sign of the Chinese zodiac. For Roosters, this is not a year to be aggressive. It’s a year to pull back, to be conservative. While you might encounter more roadblocks than usual this year, sometimes taking a small hit means avoiding a bigger, more devastating one. If you handle your challenges wisely, and are prepared for them, you will be rewarded when luck is ready to rise again in your sign.

Lainey Gossip’s Year of the Rooster Predictions


Dogs have no lucky stars to help them this year and there’s a dark star that’s overhead that could make things difficult and leave you open to bad influences. Straight up, you need to look out for yourself and your health. Get a checkup with full bloodwork at the beginning of the year. Get lots of rest. Keep your body strong. And whenever possible, keep a low profile. This is not your year to shine. So use this time to reset, to fortify, and when it’s your turn, you will be fully charged and ready to go.

1946 Dogs should take comfort and support from allies, they can protect you. But make it a priority to stay healthy.

If you are a 1958 male born under the sign of the Dog and your parents are no longer with you, make sure you celebrate your birthday in a big way.

1970 Dogs might enjoy new career opportunities. But you won’t be able to capitalize on them if you’re not in good health. This is not the time for a low-key birthday. Celebrate with your loved ones.

1982 Dogs are the luckiest of all dogs this year. There may be a financial bonus.

1994 Dogs should be cautious with their hearts. There may be unlucky love on the horizon.

Love luck does not look strong for all dogs this year. Take care of your heart. Focus instead on your body, keep it strong. And be mindful when you are coming and going to avoid injury.

Things might not go smoothly in April and May. Try to relax during this time but watch your spending and don’t force any investments. Be extra cautious through July and August, especially if you were born in the autumn and winter months. Focus on spirituality this year. You will find great fulfillment in your faith and kindness.

Lainey Gossip’s Year of the Rooster Predictions



Last year the Pig enjoyed the protection of three lucky stars. This year there are no lucky stars on your side. But you do have a benefactor who can be of significant assistance. And you may need this because there are four dark stars obscuring your luck. Pigs, therefore, are encouraged to avoid confrontation and to be as conciliatory as possible. You will win few arguments during the Year of the Rooster. So try not to attract attention and minimize conflict.

Work life should be stable for Pigs born in 1947. You may want to consider hosting friends and family for your birthday. Hosting = you paying. Also look after your partner, be mindful of their health concerns.

1959 Pigs with careers in arts and communication may be rewarded at work this year.

Pigs born in 1971 will be very active socially this year. But that could make you vulnerable to rumours and possible injury. Don’t be too casual with who you trust.

1983 Pigs might enjoy some lottery luck.

For all Pigs, this year may be tough on your relationships. If you are in a commitment, try to yield and to forgive. In April and December there may be romantic intrigue and interest. Don’t rush things and definitely don’t force it. September and October are the best months to go on holiday. This is when you’ll need extra rest. Visit your doctor for a checkup. Be mindful the entire year, but particularly in November and December, of those looking to take advantage of you, an adversary who wants what’s yours.

Be mindful of fraud. If you are not careful, you’ll risk major legal problems.

Overall for Pigs, staying healthy is key. After February 4, it is strongly recommended that you get a full medical checkup with bloodwork. If you are religious, connect with your faith. If not, make a charitable donation or volunteer.

Lainey Gossip’s Year of the Rooster Predictions


Rats are one of the four luckiest signs of the Chinese zodiac during this Year of the Rooster, with a boost from three lucky stars. The presence of two shady stars, however, could make you the target of rumours and backstabbing. So you are advised to watch your mouth. Don’t offer comment unless you can it up. Otherwise you may jeopardize your good fortune. Also, Rats can be prone to distraction, to be indirect, to not take a straight route, to run around in circles. This will not help you and if you continue like this, money won’t come to you easily. You may be lucky but your lack of focus might make it hard for luck to land on you. Try, this year, to stay present and be purposeful in you decisions.

Rats born in 1948 should try to have more fun, relax, and enjoy your circumstances.

1960 Rats must be careful and steady otherwise you risk injury.

1972 Rats may be the luckiest of all Rats this year. But remember, a lapse in concentration and focus could derail that streak.

1984 Rats will work hard and that hard work will pay off. Don’t overextend though. You must conserve energy where you can. And be careful of temptation as none of those rewards will matter if you get caught cheating. Also, use extra caution when you are driving.

All Rats, male and female, should pay attention to reproductive health this year. In July and August, look after yourself, try to stay healthy. In August and September, be extra alert when you’re in the car and particularly conscientious about safety. In October and November, watch your back when it comes to contracts and legal documents. In November and December, focus on your body. Stay strong. And through it all, again, mind your mouth. Do not let it get you in trouble this year.

Lainey Gossip’s Year of the Rooster Predictions


Three lucky money stars are glowing in favour of the Ox this year. But there is one negative star that could affect your spirit; bring down your mood. This star might stir up trouble and rumours and mess with your mental health. It could also affect your safety, distract you, put you in the path of injury; which would therefore mute your luck. So take your time, slow down, rest and exercise. Take care of your body and your mind.

The 1949 Ox will enjoy a lot of respect both personally and professionally.
Work should be smooth for the Ox born in 1961.

Entrepreneurial and artist Oxen born in 1973 could have good luck in new projects but are strongly advised to celebrate a big birthday.

1985 Oxen should also make a big deal of their birthdays. And look out for injury throughout the year.

For all Oxen, there may be challenges in April and May. If possible, take it easy during this time and conserve energy. In July and August, there’s a swindle alert. Be careful who you trust. It is imperative that you get a lot of rest from November 7 to December 6. That might be a good time to go on holiday. Between December 7 to January 4, 2018, get a full medical checkup with bloodwork.

Lainey Gossip’s Year of the Rooster Predictions



Of all the signs in the Chinese zodiac, Tigers experience the most dramatic swings in luck. A Tiger’s highs are the highest but a Tiger’s lows can be the lowest. The Year of the Monkey was tough on the Tiger. And remember, the Year of the Monkey isn’t over. Tigers must gut through it until February 4, 2017 before the Year of the Rooster begins its influence. The Rooster should be much better for Tigers.

In fact, Tigers are considered one of the four luckiest signs during the Year of the Rooster, helped by the presence of a first-class star guiding the Tiger’s path. This star will be dependable and protective. But that doesn’t mean the Tiger should be complacent. Tigers must be careful not to rush through decisions this year. During the Year of the Rooster, Tigers are strongly advised to prioritize their careers.
1950 Tigers may be honoured this year. You will be respected and admired.

1962 Tigers could benefit from some money luck.

1974 Tigers are going to be busy. There’s a lot of work ahead. It might drain you. So get lots of rest. Keep your body strong. And definitely celebrate your birthday in a big way. No low-key birthday for you.
The ideas will keep coming for 1986 Tigers. You should be able to turn these ideas into plans. And you will supported by experienced advisors to help you see these projects through.

1998 Tigers will enjoy their popularity this year. People will be charmed by you, drawn to you.

In particular, 1950, 1974, and 2010 Tigers must watch their health. For all Tigers, ease into the year in February and March, don’t push off the Monkey and think it’s time to go wild. Be meticulous when presented with new information. Get all the details you need—and more—before you choose one option or another.

February, June, and December are your most attractive months—people will want to get with you during these periods and there may be many romantic possibilities. In June and July, though, try not to get too distracted by all the fun and good times. If you lose focus, you’ll lose perspective and, ultimately, you’ll lose good luck.

In September and October, there’s a swindle alert. Keep an eye on your finances.

All Tigers are encouraged to see the doctor for a standard checkup between January 5, 2018 and February 3, 2018. This is also a good time to travel.

Lainey Gossip’s Year of the Rooster Predictions


For Rabbits, the Year of the Rooster is not ‘go time.’ Instead it’s a good time to put things on pause. Caution is key. There are no lucky stars on the Rabbit’s side this year. Instead, there are two dark stars getting in your way. It’s best for Rabbits then to put their heads down and avoid risk as much as possible. Choose observation over attack. And do not take on any major decisions, if you can help it. If you find yourself in a situation where you must take action, consider every issue from every single angle. Thoroughly examine all your options.

1951 Rabbits could see some financial reward but relationships might be compromised and your emotions may cost you more than you end up gaining. Be good to your body.

1963 Rabbits might find that they have to work a lot harder than they have in the past to get the same results, expending a lot more energy. So you must be mindful of your health.

1975 Rabbits will be very busy this year and should be careful not to overextend. Take time to rest and relax and manage energy efficiently.

1987 Rabbits might enjoy creative inspiration this year but don’t get too aggressive with your ideas. Acting on impulse is not recommended as things could change unexpectedly and you might suffer for your spontaneity. Be cautious.

1999 Rabbits are advised to celebrate their birthdays in a big way. One major celebration could block three disasters.

All Rabbits should be mindful of infidelity. Cheating this year could carry extra consequence. Do not reach and be vigilant against temptation. If love is lost, let it go. Do not waste any precious luck you might have to push for what is not yours.

It is also recommended for all Rabbits to watch their health during the Year of the Rooster. Rabbits are strongly encouraged to get a medical checkup with bloodwork after February.

For Rabbits born between March 5 and April 3, be extra careful in March, April and September of this year. There’s an injury alert. Stay close to home if you can, no traveling. And pay close attention when you’re in the car. Smart driving, always, but especially this year.

In May and June, Rabbits should also be on alert for family members. In September and October, refrain from making important decisions. These two months could be rocky, filled with errors. Nothing will come easy.

Rabbits should not be lending money during the Year of the Rooster. It is very bad luck for you to lend money. Also do not disturb the foundation of your home. Like don’t go changing the flooring. If you want to replace the carpet in the basement, or anywhere in the house, wait another 12 months. No major home improvement plans. Your home is your base. It is the source of your stability. This is not the year to mess around with that.

Your spirituality will help you this year. Connect with your faith, if you are religious. Be charitable, volunteer, practice kindness, and try to exercise more. Make health a priority and get a lot of rest. And do not be discouraged, Rabbits. Remember, more often than not, it’s the way we hold it down during back luck that paves the way for the arrival of good luck. Think of this year as a harvest. You’re hunkering down, putting things away, and waiting for a big bloom later on.

Lainey Gossip’s Year of the Rooster Predictions


Dragons could be very powerful during the Year of the Rooster. The goal though is to maintain peace and quiet. No fighting. If Dragons can avoid drama, the year should be relatively smooth, relationships should be solid and there’s also a high possibility of fertility.

1928 Dragons are well taken care of, you won’t have to worry.

1940 Dragons may enjoy much respect and honour this year. But there are some stress factors, including an injury alert. Be extra cautious.

1952 Dragons might experience good money luck.

1964 Dragons could attract a lot of attention, people might notice your efforts, your skills, but look after your body and do not overextend; budget your energy wisely.

1976 Dragons will find support in what they take on this year. Male Dragons born this year must be particularly careful about health; a big birthday is recommended for all 1976 Dragons.

For 1988 Dragons, the Year of the Rooster will be a year of learning. Take as many lessons as you can. Receive knowledge whenever it is offered. This is an investment in yourself that will reveal its benefits later on.

2000 Dragons are advised to avoid high risk activities. You may get hurt.

The love outlook is strong for all Dragons this year. Health, however, will have its ups and downs. Take good care of your body. You’ll never be able to fully enjoy anything if your body isn’t with you. In October and November you must closely monitor your financial matters and put a lot of thought into who you can trust. The wrong person could devastate you.

Lainey Gossip’s Year of the Rooster Predictions



Snakes and Roosters are compatible and so the Snake will be one of the four luckiest signs during the Year of the Rooster. There are four major stars uniting together to guide the Snake which means that even if Snakes encounter challenges, they will have a lot of help overcoming them. That said, your luck is a draw for opportunists. Snakes must be careful about who they trust in their inner circle. Be careful of users and abusers.

1941 Snakes should be mindful of romantic temptation.

1953 Snakes might enjoy some lottery luck this year.

1965 Snakes are advised to thoroughly consider all options and opportunities. Do not put faith in the wrong person. This could jeopardize your luck.

1977 Snakes are the luckiest of all Snakes during the Year of the Rooster and should enjoy the admiration of many fans and friends. To maximize on your luck, celebrate your birthday in a big way, surrounded by your loved ones.

1989 Snakes could make very smart decisions this year, assisted by many people helping you behind the scenes. And there may be some food luck with you as well. In Chinese culture, food luck means the money is good.

During the Year of the Rooster, all Snakes should be cautious about friendships and betrayals, particularly from March to May. People will be eager to be close to you, but not all of them are true. In November and December, pay close attention to finances and financial transactions. This is a good time to go on holiday.

Lainey Gossip’s Year of the Rooster Predictions


Blessed by two love stars, romance possibilities could be abundant for Horses during the Year of the Rooster. It is a good year for a wedding. There are also two food stars shining on Horses. There may be a lot to eat. In Chinese culture, food luck is sometimes even more desirable than love luck. If you have lots of food, it means you’re comfortable, you’re secure.

To offset those four lucky stars though, Horses might be affected by two sabotage stars. So while your love life and your food life may be smooth, it’s best not to begin big projects during this Year of the Rooster. Take this time to enjoy the love and all the eating. It’s a year of appreciation rather than a year of aggression. The exception to this is the 1966 Horse. The 1966 Horse could benefit from a guardian angel this year.
1930 Horses must be very careful about health during the Year of the Rooster.

1942 Horses might enjoy some money luck. A sum of money could be on the way.

1954 Horses will do a lot this year. But the yield might not match the effort. So keep your body strong and the late nights to a minimum. You’re too busy to miss out on sleep and rest.
1978 Horses are surrounded by love this year. Accept it, enjoy it, and be grateful for it. Have a good time.

1990 Horses are advised to avoid high-risk activities. And celebrate your birthday. Don’t hide away on your birthday. Be with friends and family. This is not the year for a low-key birthday.

Overall for Horses, there could be a lot of love on the way during the Year of the Rooster. Love everywhere, wherever you go. Not just romantic love but all kinds of love. Be smart about your friends though. They can be allies in the future. But if you’re not responsible with their affection, you will lose opportunities.

In August and September, try not to take on too much. Relax and reset. In November and December, watch your spending and be careful of investments. In December through to January 2018, be vigilant about your health. And get a full checkup during this time.

Lainey Gossip’s Year of the Rooster Predictions


There’s a very bright star shining on those born under the Monkey sign. The star will enhance your charm, attracting a lot of attention—it’s a good outlook for love and friendship. Basically Monkeys are popular in the Year of the Rooster.

 There is also, however, a dark star that will shadow the Monkey this year that could distract you, might make you lose focus. Monkeys can sometimes be too greedy, never satisfied. This dark star will exploit that and while its power will be muted by that bright star in your life, the bright star won’t be around forever. So Monkeys are advised to be mindful. A lack of appreciation for what you have can be a deterrent to good luck.
1944 Monkeys should mind their health. Don’t push yourself too hard. And you’re on Love Triangle alert. Watch out for temptation and infidelity, on your part.

1956 Monkeys may be assisted by many benefactors this year. And your partner could be a big asset.

 1968 Monkeys are encouraged to explore new learning opportunities, prioritize self-improvement. This will pay off, maybe not immediately, but there will be a future yield.
For 1980 Monkeys, a promotion and/or a raise is possible. But you must be careful of injury and be extra cautious his year.

1992 Monkeys may have new career opportunities.

For parents of 2004 Monkeys, you might want to pay closer attention because of the Monkey’s popularity this year—new young romances could lead to new dramas.

In February and March, all Monkeys are advised to stay sharp at work. There may be professional dilemmas so carefully consider your options. April could be busy, busy as in horny. Which sounds awesome but too much of something could get messy. Be smart about your hookups. In June and July, be very, very cautious when signing contracts or other major legal/financial commitments, like home buying or selling. Or professional partnerships, etc.

In July and August, try not to overdose on romance. Immersing yourself in a relationship might cost you everything. You may be compelled to make an impetuous decision. You might also find yourself wavering between options. If you can, focus on yourself instead, and spend time with family.

There’s an injury alert for Monkeys in August and September. Be mindful of a fall. And in December, there’s an ally who could come forward to solve a problem for you. Don’t forget to be grateful if this happens.

Both male and female Monkeys should be mindful of reproductive health during the Year of the Rooster. You may experience some skin issues and allergies. Go see the doctor at the beginning of the year for a full checkup, with bloodwork, especially Monkeys born in 1944, 1980 and 2004. Not because there’s something wrong, but as a preventative measure.

Mostly importantly, all Monkeys would do well to avoid confrontation this year. Fighting and arguments will bring on big trouble and break your luck and you seem to have some luck this year, especially love luck. The Year of the Rooster is a good year for Monkeys to get married and/or have kids. But you are blessed with extra this year in romance. So be smart about your conquests, player.

Lainey Gossip’s Year of the Rooster Predictions



Roosters and Goats get on well. This should, for the most part, be a stable year. There are two lucky stars guiding the Goat during the Year of the Rooster. One is a work star and the other is a love star. So there may be good luck coming in both your career and in romance. However, there are also two sinister stars in play and they could affect family. These family issues might give goats some anxiety and mute the joy that comes from work and love. It is best then to not lose yourself in the highs, so that you might be ready for any possible lows.

1931 Goats will benefit from past savings. Be mindful of falling and hurting yourself. Be very careful when you’re coming and going. In addition to the Injury Alert, there’s also a Swindle Alert, perhaps by someone of the opposite sex.

1967 Goats are advised to have a big birthday celebration. This is not the year to enjoy a quiet birthday. This birthday, surround yourself with those who love you—their well-wishes can protect you.

1979 Goats are lucky in learning this year. You are encouraged to take lessons, to enroll in new programs, with particular focus on the arts. For Goats born in 1991, make sure you’re not too distracted by romance. You may be all consumed by your relationships and could lose ground on your career. Do not lose focus on your work and your studies.

Goats of all years may experience a very active love life during the Year of the Rooster. But a tripping advisory keeps coming up. So a full medical checkup is recommended at the beginning of the new year.

In February and March you may be annoyed by minor legal matters, speeding or parking tickets, etc. A small setback might arise in May and June and to either avoid it or to minimize it, you may want to consider going on holiday at this time. In November and December, harmless rumours could bother you. Be extra vigilant when signing documents or committing to contracts. And take care of your health.

Lainey Gossip’s Year of the Rooster Predictions


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