12 things the Chatelaine office is buzzing about now

From Oprah's latest scandal to email overload and delicious food truck finds, here are a few of the things the Chatelaine team is talking about this week.
By Jenna Wallace and Jillian Bell

Oprah gets snubbed

Need to know now

A handbag too expensive for Oprah? Everyone's still talking about the sales clerk in Zurich who apparently told the media mogul she couldn't look at a pricey purse. Racist or just a misunderstanding?

New research shows that one shockingly common procedure may increase your child's risk of developing autism.

Craving a little comfort food? Why not upgrade your old-school PB & J with these exciting alternatives?

We love simple and stylish solutions like these pretty magazine page gift tags.

Lean In or lean out? This group of women made the best of both worlds.

Tired of hitting the books? Hit the bed instead. Check out the surprising link between sex and smarts.



It seems that more and more parents are letting their teen's boyfriend/girlfriend sleep over. Would you? Or would you consider using cash incentives to keep your kid from having unsafe sex?

One Toronto business is putting a local spin on the food truck trend. No food trucks near you? Check out some of the best recipes from Canada's coolest restaurants on wheels!

No shelf space? No problem! Decorate your home with beautifully stacked books and magazines.

Are your workouts getting stale? Be sure to check out the colourful new cardio craze!


Look and feel your best

The hottest new shoe is a new twist on an old look. That's right, treaded soles are back in style! Check out the rest of the best fall trends.

Did you know that you spend a whopping 73 days emailing each year? And email overload not only interferes with your social skills and problem-solving prowess, it may also affect your heart health, too. Check out Karyn Gordon's tips to score more free time.


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