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Elte Market opens in Toronto!

Elte Market managing brothers Jamie and Andrew Metrick tell us about their 10 favourite finds on the furniture store floor.
Elte Market opens in Toronto!

Photo, Elte Market.

Elte Market opens in Toronto!

Handpicked home furnishings

A flourishing family business for nearly 100 years, the Elte furniture company is proud to share its latest enterprise: a new store in Toronto. Well recognized in Canada as a top supplier of fine furniture, the retailer is expanding to welcome a broader base of buyers. Those with a taste for unique pieces, exotic character and contemporary flair will feel at home amidst an extensive selection of furnishings and accessories at comfortable prices. The Elte General Managers and Buyers, Andrew and Jamie Metrick, walk us through their ten favourite items on the floor. Of an exquisitely detailed seat, Andrew (the Furniture Buyer) tells us:

"Our Batik Side Chair is wrapped in a hand-dyed, traditional Indonesian fabric. I find that the closer you get to this chair, the more you love it."

Batik Side Chair in Aqua, $175, Elte Mkt.

dining-chair-textile-tubular-metal-seatingPhoto, Elte Market.

Selecting a one-of-a-kind piece

Occupying a factory building, Elte Market holds a raw and open structure to offer visitors an authentic shopping experience, with the spotlight on their high-quality goods. The store is laid out like a sweeping marketplace, enabling customers to walk around the beautiful furniture and browse the exceptional range of rugs. Sourced from all over the world, every single item — large and small — can be purchased on the spot.rnrnJamie is the Rug Buyer, and this floor covering is one of his favourites.

"I’m really into rugs in all shades of blue, especially the bold, geometric pattern of the Dorando bamboo silk rug. The irregular colouring that bamboo rugs take after being treated and dyed is so unique and refined, with no two the same."

Dorando Blue and Ivory Bamboo Silk Rug, from $465 (3’ x 5’) to $2,485 (9’ x 12’), Elte Mkt.

rug-carpet-mat-pattern-diamond-silk-bluePhoto, Elte Market.


A union of utility and aesthetics

Beauty is something that every one of these products embodies, but practicality is always a priority for the brothers.

"There are too many media units out there that sacrifice design for functionality, so when I was designing our Martin Media Cabinet, I wanted to make a statement. I’m very happy with the result," says Andrew.

Martin Media Cabinet, $1,695, Elte Mkt.

media-unit-tv-stand-entertainment-cabinet-wood-slatPhoto, Elte Market.

The exploration of new combinations

Moving around the store, you’ll be inspired to coordinate a variety of different products together in eclectic and interesting ways. Jamie introduces a single piece that exemplifies this idea of amalgamation:

"Metallics and geometric patterns are very popular right now and our hand-woven hide Edmonton Rug marries these trends strikingly. I love creating rugs with new materials and mixing textures, and I can’t wait to see them in someone’s home."

Edmonton Grey and Silver Rug, from $455 (3’ x 5’) to $2,395 (10’ x 14’), Elte Mkt.

rug-carpet-mat-hand-woven-geometric-pattern-metallicPhoto, Elte Market.

A delightful adaptation to a familiar form

A bit of deviation from a timeless form can create a remarkable outcome. One of Andrew’s favourite furnishings is this armchair:

"Elte Market’s Yohan Armchair is a nod to mid-century design. While it’s simple in terms of shape, there's something about this chair that gives off a lot of character."

Yohan Armchair, $595, Elte Mkt.

armchair-seating-upholsery-red-contemporaryPhoto, Elte Market.


The intrigue of the unexpected

Modular components of a single piece don’t have to match. This product demonstrates the playful and fashionable quality that comes from a simple yet striking design decision: introducing a different hue to one panel in a dresser. It makes you think about the bigger picture of furnishing and decorating a room. This process is as open to the imagination as the space and selection within the store.

"The Trent Dresser is definitely a piece with a lot of personality. It’s a very clean, contemporary design but the coloured drawers on top are what set it apart — like wearing bold socks with a classically tailored suit," says Jamie.

Trent Dresser, $1,495, Elte Mkt.

dresser-tallboy-painted-wood-modernPhoto, Elte Market.

Inspiration from the urban environment

Elte Market has everything from beds and sofas to decorative objects that can completely outfit entire rooms in your home. The stock will keep you creative too. Think beyond the vase and the photo frame as ornaments and consider this suggestion from Andrew:

"We have a wide range of Toronto Street Sign Art at Elte Market. They look best in groups of three or more, so the real fun comes when deciding which streets are going to make it on your wall."

Toronto Street Sign Art, $53 each, Elte Mkt.

street-signs-toronto-framed-wall-artPhoto, Elte Market.

Elevating what's underfoot

Elte Market houses a veritable bazaar of magnificent designs from places including Turkey and India. You will be absolutely spoiled for choice while browsing the many stacks of masterly crafted floor coverings. Jamie makes a note that rugs can be hung on walls as well, serving as rich and dramatic objects of art.

"Our Cambridge rug’s modern Moroccan-inspired design features a geometric sari silk print on top of beautiful, natural undyed wool. A statement piece fit for the modern urbanite," Jamie asserts.

Cambridge Grey and Blue Rug, from $375 (3’ x 5’) to $3,495 (10’ x 14’), Elte Mkt.

rug-carpet-mat-pattern-diamond-greyPhoto, Elte Market.


The item that roots all elements in a room

Harmonizing aspects of scale, form, pattern, colour and texture is a process that’s parallel to selecting each product to be placed in a group. While a rug may visually tie several different pieces together, furnishings like this pick from Jamie serve to ground all elements within a room.

"The Drummond Armchair is one of my brother’s designs. I first saw this design nearly a year ago and I think he hit the Scandinavian style, scale and proportions just perfectly."

Drummond Armchair, $495, Elte Mkt.

armchair-seating-grey-upholstery-quilted-scandinavianPhoto, Elte Market.

A supportive piece with a subtle accent

The final favourite product on the Elte Marktet floor is this side table, singled out by Andrew.

"Our Van Horn Side Table is a beautifully scaled accent piece that looks great beside a sofa or bunched together as a cocktail table. We used a contrasting black top to give it just a little bit of edge."

Van Horn Side Table, $295, Elte Mkt. From all over Canada, you will be able to browse the Elte Market inventory online.

side-table-wood-accent-paintPhoto, Elte Market.


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