Five ways to feel your best this month

From orgasmic meditation to walking to beat breast cancer, we bring you the latest health news.
Five ways to feel your best this month

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Feb health news 2014

Think of others for a happiness boost

Going out of your way to be kind benefits you in more ways than one, say researchers at the University of British Columbia. In fact, kindness has measurable health benefits. “Simple acts of kindness increase joy and reduce social anxiety,” says Lynn Alden, a professor and clinical psychologist at UBC. Researchers can’t explain why paying it forward pays us back so well, but we think it’s a nice way to beat the winter blues!

Make it a habit: Being kind doesn’t have to cost a thing. Try opening the door for someone, smiling or saying a simple hello to your neighbour. Now doesn’t that feel good?

Bonus! This month we kick off our second annual KindCycle campaign with easy and creative ways to show your kind side. And it’s all in support of the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Click here for more
-Anna Redman

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Get turned on to meditation

Could you hit the big O with a little om? Orgasmic meditation (OM) is coming to Canada via love struck San Francisco.
What it is: A meditation-massage hybrid for couples that promises intense pleasure.
How it works: The practice involves a simple, structured 15-minute technique based on forging intimate connections without any bells and whistles. “There’s no lingerie or scented candles. Instead the same steps are followed every time,” says Marcus Ratnathicam, an orgasmic coach at One Taste, the company at the forefront of the OM revolution.
Spotted at: One Taste runs classes and retreats in cities across the U.S. and online tutorials at
Benefits: Increased energy, libido, sexual satisfaction and bedroom confidence.
Bonus: Research shows regular orgasms improve blood flow to the brain and enhance cognitive function in ways similar to doing crosswords.
-Dominique Lamberton

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Put walking on your prevention plan

This just in: Walking for 60 minutes a day may be a breast-cancer buster. The American Cancer Society collected data on over 70,000 women and found that those who walked daily reduced their risk by 14 percent. And get this: The women who exercised 85 minutes a day (or 10 hours a week) lowered it by 25 percent.

Try it now: Head out with our upbeat walking playlist.
-Madeline Cravit

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Ditch a bit of excess baggage (before you board your next flight)

Paging all frequent flyers! Now you can squeeze in a workout before takeoff. GoodLife Fitness has opened a souped-up gym inside Toronto Pearson International Airport. Located in Terminal 1, the facility offers day passes ($15) and is equipped with change rooms and showers. The first of its kind in Canada, this club follows in the footsteps of other fitness centres in Dubai International Airport, Changi Airport in Singapore and Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

Bonus: Pre-flight exercise can reduce jet lag, improve circulation and boost the immune system to help ward off in flight cabin germs, says Calgary trainer Sonja Franzmann. 
-Allison Hall

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Health crush of the month

Who: Nicole Winhoffer (the woman behind Madonna’s rocking bod)

Lady we love: Nicole Winhoffer (a.k.a. Madonna’s personal trainer) gets the 55-year-old Material Girl spotlight-ready with personalized dance workouts two hours a day, six days a week. You can score a bod like Madge’s with Nicole’s new DVD, Addicted to Sweat, or by dropping in to Hard Candy Fitness, the queen of pop’s new Toronto gym.

Sound bite: “Training Madonna is always a challenge, because I have to keep her focused and inspired — and she’s seen and done everything. We work on a trampoline, jump rope and hang from bars to do lower ab lifts. She’s tough on me, and I’m grateful for it, because she makes me better too.”

Discover more great insights from our Q & A with Nicole here.

Five ways to feel your best this monthNicole Winhoffer dances with Madonna at a Hard Candy Fitness opening. (Photo, Hard Candy Fitness.)


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