Grocery shopping tips from Triathlete Paula Findlay

The award-winning, Edmonton-born athlete will be making her Olympic debut at the London 2012 Games. Here, she shares her top workout tip and diet trick
By Alanna Glassman
Paula Findlay crosses Triathlon race finish line Greg Wood/AFP

Age: 23
Sport: Triathlon
Trains: 4 to 5 hours a day
Hometown: Edmonton

Paula Findlay is hard-wired to win. She makes her Olympic debut this summer as the first Canadian woman to win a World Triathlon Series event, and the only one to win back-to-back world championships in her event. "I came onto the scene quickly," she says. "My rise was steep and unexpected. I was ranked 53rd when I went on to win my World Cup race."

Why this sport: "I love its diversity."

Goals for London: "It’s my first Olympics. I have the potential to be on the podium, but I also know there are lots of really, really fast girls."

Top workout tip: "Plan little tiny victories, day to day, to help push you toward bigger goals."

Balancing act: "I’m fairly injury-prone, so I can’t train at my top level in running. But biking and swimming keep me fast."

Diet: "I keep to the outer edge of the grocery store."

Sweet tooth: "I’m a big chocolate fan. A little bite every day keeps me sane."

Her motto: "Love what you do."

Her secret to success: "I have no trouble working hard. If I want to be among the best, I've got to give my best."

Her award-winning advice: "Always respect your competition."

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