Olympic medallist Clara Hughes on the snack she'd bike 100 miles for

The Canadian cyclist and speed skater from Winnipeg shares her training ritual and award-winning advice
By Alanna Glassman
Clara Hughes racing on bike, cycling Jens Norgaard Larsen/AFP

Age: 39
Sport: Cycling
Trains: 5 to 7 hours a day
Hometown: Winnipeg

It's hard to actually catch a glimpse of Clara Hughes in competition mode. She's just a blur as she races toward the finish line, leaving everyone else in the dust. Clara's the only athlete in history to have won multiple Olympic medals (six!) in the Winter and Summer Games, for speed skating and cycling. The beauty and her bike are ready to give it her all again this summer. "I want to bring the best of myself, and have the ride of my life," she says.

Why this sport: "An endurance sport like mine is cruel and unforgiving, but it's also beautiful. It's never easy, and it takes a lot of suffering to succeed."

Top workout tip:
"Realize it's hard to start, but after a week your body and your spirit will transform."

Diet: "I don’t eat in a complicated way. I keep it simple and easy to digest. No junk food; no wheat, gluten or dairy."

Finding her passion: "I’ve always had a desire to challenge myself. As a young person it wasn’t always channeled in positive places, but when I found sport I found my way to be."

Hanging with hubby:
"I love going for an easy bike ride in the mountains with my husband, Peter Guzman."

How she handles her training: "I’m married to one of the fittest human beings on earth. We both connect to the outdoors and to movement."

She'd cycle 100 miles for: "Carrot cake. Gluten-free. With triple cream cheese frosting."

Her training ritual: "I usually go to bed on an empty stomach. It's the best way to get a good sleep and recover for the next day."

Her award-winning advice: "There's a beautiful excellence inside every single female on earth. You've just got to realize you have it and let it out. Everyone has the ability to inspire. Don't underestimate yourself."

Watch our Q&A with her below and click here for Clara's top three core-strength workout moves.

Clara is a brand ambassador for Secret.


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