How Canadian boxer Mary Spencer rolls with the punches

The female boxer from Wiarton, Ont. will be competing in the London Olympics 2012. Here, she shares her life motto and why she loves the sport
By Alanna Glassman
Mary Spencer punching a punching bag wearing boxing gloves Photo courtesy of CoverGirl

Age: 27
Sport: Boxing
Trains: 7 hours a day
Hometown: Wiarton, Ont.

Women's boxing finally has an Olympic ring to call its own as the sport makes its debut in London this summer. No stranger to firsts, three-time world champion Mary Spencer says she's going for gold.

Why this sport: "In an eight-minute fight, you see what you're made of. The fighter you are inside the ring is the fighter you are in everyday struggles outside it."

Top workout tip:
"A person in motion stays in motion; a person at rest stays at rest. It's as simple as that. Get up, get going."

On throwing punches: "Boxing makes me feel more empowered on a daily basis."

So, is it hard to hit someone?
"It’s a fight, but not in the literal sense. Two people agree to compete for the sport of it, so there’s no hard feelings."

In the zone: "I get a sense of comfort as soon as I step through the ropes. I feel at home; I start to relax."

Diet: "High-carb with post-workout protein."

Her motto: "'Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we do.' For me, the best learning experience is losing a fight. It's a chance to grow."

Her award-winning advice: "You can't get upset when things get tough or don't go your way. You've got to roll with the punches."

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