The Newest Chocolate Treats In Canada To Devour This Halloween

Skip the minis in favour of these full-size chocolate bars this Halloween (being an adult has some perks).
The Newest Chocolate Treats In Canada To Devour This Halloween

Mass-market chocolate makers are releasing a host of new chocolate bars (and other chocolatey goodies) just in time for Halloween snacking. Here are some of the newest chocolates in Canada to munch on to keep calm while you binge-watch the latest horror series on Netflix (may we recommend The Haunting of Hill House.)

New chocolate bar: M&M's peanut chocolate bar

Instead of shovelling individual M&M's into your mouth, you can down a bunch all at once thanks to the M&M's newly released milk chocolate bars. These hefty bars come stuffed with mini M&M's as well as various mix-ins, such as almonds, crispy rice cereal, and my personal favourite, peanuts (because peanut M&M's are the best M&M's).

New chocolate Canada: crunchy mint M&M's

Earlier this year, M&M's introduced three new flavours and let Canadians vote for their favourite between crunchy raspberry, crunchy espresso and crunchy mint. While crunchy coffee (these M&M's tasted like a Coffee Crisp bar) was the clear winner among Chatelaine staffers, crunchy mint won the competition, which means it's sticking around. And if you like After Eight bars or mint chip ice cream, you'll love these M&M's too.

New chocolate Canada: Hershey's gold bar

It would be unfair to call Hershey's first new bar since 1995 chocolate since it contains no actual chocolate. Instead, it's made of caramelized cream (which tastes like caramel) and is studded with peanuts and pretzels. It has a much softer texture than chocolate and is definitely the bar for someone with a serious sweet tooth.

New Chocolate bar Canada: peace bar

Antigonish, Nova Scotia company Peace By Chocolate released its very first chocolate bar this year after winning Canadians over with its truffles and bonbons. The Peace bar will likely do the same, considering it's made of milk chocolate and hazelnuts. Peace By Chocolate products are available online, at Sobeys in Atlantic Canada and at select Sobeys and Foodland stores in Ontario.

New chocolate Canada: Soma Twinkle Bar

The award-winning Toronto-based Soma Chocolatemaker has a few new bars out for 2018, but the Twinkle Bar looks outstanding. It's caramel chocolate topped with Canadian sea salt from the Newfoundland Salt Company. (Soma also recently introduced a mango lassi bar, based on the popular drink.

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