Foodie Meghan Markle Is Crazy For This Spicy Condiment From Toronto

A Toronto Italian restaurant chain just got a shout-out in Vanity Fair (before Prince Harry’s name even came up).
Foodie Meghan Markle Is Crazy For This Spicy Condiment From Toronto

Apparently Prince Harry isn’t Meghan Markle’s only love. The self-professed foodie recently gave an enthusiastic shout-out to a spicy condiment from Toronto — Terroni’s peperoncini piccanti (red chilies in oil), giving the fiery sauce an almost-royal stamp of approval.

In a Vanity Fair cover story, the Suits actress prepared a meal for journalist Sam Kashner in her Toronto home that included a salad, crusty bread and pasta tossed with the chilies.

“They’re really hot, but if you’re good with heat, then I think they’re going to be your new favorite thing . . . I’ll give you a little jar to take home,” Markle told Kashner.

Even if you don’t live in Toronto or Los Angeles, where Terroni has locations, you can still add some Markle-inspired heat to your favourite dishes — the Toronto-based chain has an online store (La Bottega di Terroni) that ships across Canada. A 314 millilitre jar of Terroni's hot chilies will set you back $8.99 (plus shipping).

Meghan Markle Hot Chilies from Terroni Toronto

According to a representative from Terroni, the peperoncini piccanti are sourced from the Puglia region of Italy and have been popular as soon as they became available online.

If you simply can’t wait for delivery, this condiment is easy to make at home (sure, it won’t be from Italy, but fake it 'til you make it.) President's Choice also sells its own version of peperoncini piccanti, so you can start searching your local grocery stores for this red hot treat.

Here’s how you can easily add this condiment to your roster and spice up your meals.


Toss it in pasta

Like Markle, prepare a simple pasta dish to show off these Italian chilies, or use them to jazz up an everyday red sauce.

Put it on pizza

Put down that shaker of crushed red chili flakes and drizzle some peperoncini over a slice of ‘za.

Eat it with eggs

Instead of dousing your morning meal with hot sauce, incorporate the hot chilies into your favourite eggy brunch dish or put some in an omelette.

Take a cue from Meghan Markle and pick up some crusty, artisan bread


Add peperoncini (and some chili oil) to olive oil and dip away.

Spice up your seafood

Take advantage of the lingering summer weather, fire up your grill and cook up some hot and spicy shrimp.

Use it in a marinade

Dial things up a notch the next time you marinate meat or fish.


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