How To Spatchcock A Turkey

This technique requires a little work but cuts turkey cook time in half! (Even easier? Ask your butcher to spatchcock the bird for you.)

A bird big enough to feed a crowd can take hours to cook properly—so here's a great way to carve out some extra time for yourself! This handy technique is the perfect back-pocket trick to save you half the cook time (we're serious) if you're running behind on the big day. Watch the full video on how to spatchcock above, or catch the step-by-step action below.

Step 1

Place turkey breast-side down on a clean surface.

How to spatchcock a turkey Step-1

Step 2

Use sharp poultry shears to cut along both sides from backbone to end.

How to spatchcock a turkey Step-2

Steps 3 and 4

Turn the turkey breast-side up. Press down hard on one side of breast until bone cracks. Repeat on other side.

How to spatchcock a turkey Step-3-4

Step 5

Place turkey on a rack over a rimmed baking sheet. Add seasonings and roast until golden. Try it: Spatchcocked turkey with thyme and sage.

How to spatchcock a turkey Step-5


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