Sick Of Sourdough? Try Focaccia Art

Who knew bread could be a canvas?
By Sasha Emmons
Sick Of Sourdough? Try Focaccia Art

Slices of focaccia with rosemary, onions, garlic, olive oil and sea salt.

Social isolation self-care checklists are advising us all to do something creative as well as eat something delicious each day. Well, birds, meet your stone maker because the carbolicious focaccia art trend does both. Instagramming bakers like @vineyardbaker, @blondieandrye and @rosiebrandreth have been using the Italian flatbread as a backdrop to create edible floral scenes, also known as gardenscape focaccia.

Check out this sunflower still life:

Or this even more colourful field of flowers:

This hummingbird hovering over blooms is very creative:


Here’s how it works: Make a basic focaccia dough (we love this one from Alison Roman, which can be made same-day or the day before). Then use olives, tomatoes, seeds, peppers, fresh herbs, nuts, veggies, or anything you like really to create a scene before you pop it in to bake.

Thank you, bread, for all you do.


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