Looking for the latest fashion craze and how to wear it? Try out a jumpsuit. Scary and a bit dated, perhaps. But so retro it’s good. The highly undervalued fashion item is all over the place this season and I personally love it. (I want Stella McCartney’s number above.) Now, it’s a whole other story finding a place to wear one. And as my sister so lovingly pointed out, how could someone who has a bladder the size of a walnut wear a one-piece?

Excellent question. You basically have to undress to use the bathroom.

But I digress. I still think they are pretty fabulous. I mean, Elvis wore one, and who is cooler than Elvis?


So if you’re feeling adventurous I suggest a more neutral one (less rhinestones perhaps) in this one above for $125 from Lav & Kush. With a pair of heels (high heels are a must for this ensemble) and a pretty necklace, this suit screams Halston retro chic. I don’t know if I’d wear it to a corporate office but definitely on a weekend night out. So take that naysayers, though I may curse my own sense of fashion adventure on my way to the ladies room.

–Kate Daley

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